What is Restorative Hypnotherapy?

Restorative hypnotherapy employs the technique of hypnosis for clinical purposes to help you heal and restore your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wholeness through a range of therapeutic modalities and interventions specially designed by New Delhi based  Clinical Hypnotherapist Suzy Singh .  This creates a state of well being and inner calm that allows you to explore and manifest your full potential. The words re-store mean to bring back and reclaim your lost energies. These lost energies make themselves known to you by depleting your health and happiness. Every discomfort or...

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What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an altered state of relaxed awareness that allows selective and focused attention. Interestingly, while the term hypnosis is derived from the Greek word “hypnos” which means to sleep, a subject under hypnosis is able to achieve a highly intensified and vividly awake internal state. This allows him to travel beyond ordinary everyday consciousness and access the deeper memories and forgotten experiences that lie buried in the subconscious mind. This state of deep physical relaxation accompanied by enhanced internal concentration creates elliptical awareness, wherein one...

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How Can Restorative Hypnotherapy Help You?

We are born whole but some experiences in life such as childhood hurts, fears and misinterpretations of our environment impact our psyche so deeply that they create blocks and imbalances within us. These interfere with the full development and expression of our potential thereby limiting our ability to succeed at work, enjoy our life and be in a state of peace and calm. These negative and limiting beliefs affect our performance, impact our relationships and thwart our success.  Every trauma, pain, misunderstanding and unmet need in our life affects us negatively and reduces the flow of...

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How does the Human Energy Body become blocked?

Most of us believe that we have only one body – the physical body, because that is what our eyes perceive. However studies of the Human Energy Field have shown that there are other subtle bodies or electromagnetic fields that surround our physical body each vibrating at a higher frequency than the one that lies within it. This is also referred to as the human aura. All humans have five bodies, the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual that overlap each other and work together as a complete energetic system. The vibrating frequency of each body determines its state of health and...

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How Hypnosis Works & Theory of the Mind?

  Hypnosis is a unique state of mind that everybody experiences daily. The time just before falling asleep at night and the few moments before waking up, are both natural hypnotic states that each of us experiences routinely. In addition there are other instances when you experience trance like states during the normal course of the day. These are the times when you are daydreaming  or thinking deeply about something, lost to the world around you, or even when you are driving to someplace immersed so deep in your thoughts that you do not realize how quickly you have reached your...

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Will you be aware of what happens during hypnosis?

During the entire process under hypnosis you will be fully aware of what is occurring and will remember everything once you return to ordinary awareness. If there is anything that you are not yet ready enough to explore, your subconscious mind will protect your highest interest and not allow you to recall that memory. Hence at all times you are fully in control and no one can compel you to do or recall anything that YOU are not willing to do.

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