Channeled Message from Jesus For 2014

To hear the lark, look upon thy sails You must sit silently and contemplate The sails here refer to our thoughts which move with the speed of wind. Jesus tells us that in order to hear the divine guidance, we must first silence our minds by witnessing our thoughts. When we observe our thoughts, we slow them down and reach a meditative state of stillness, in which we receive divine guidance in the form of intuitive flashes, which is referred to as the cosmic song. Solutions to our problems pop up magically and creativity fills our hearts. Having established this inner state of silence, we...

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Feel The Divine Presence

Through the sacred word of Jesus I received this beautiful experience of the Source of HIS presence and HIS WAY   Open your palms and feel my presence I flow through you This warmth that spreads into them Those rivers that rush to awaken you It is me   From each cardinal point Emerges a star Rising, connecting all life forms And within that circle thus formed Operates what you call The Game of Life   Once you trace the circle of life That flows through each You can feel it is none but me That races through each point Budding as does a flower And then racing ahead to the next...

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The Cause Of Human Suffering

Jesus Says Why must one suffer, you ask And I say Know not they why they embraced this birth They resist the lessons and so they hurt In the merriment of their lives They leave behind the most important chapter From their Book of Life Wander they do Through the mesmerising gullies of drunken stupor Thinking they are living life As they are meant to   But they know not That the limited over’s of their lives Are so consumed in walking along the dark alley’s Not once have they stopped to ponder Why they are here Persistently they complain to that Lord Who beholds the heavens Why he has...

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Are You Lost to Pain Or Pleasure?

Jesus says Discern and choose what needs to be cast away. Through deep reflection the seeker must choose to let go of feelings, thoughts, experiences and relationships that no longer serve his higher self. Symphonies cannot be heard amidst the cacophony of human clamoring. The seeker needs to still his mind by freeing it of all desires, by letting go of all grasping and wanting because amidst desires the mind cannot be silenced and without silencing the mind, divine music cannot be heard. It is believed that when the seeker reaches an elevated state of meditation he hears the divine...

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Faith is Peculiar

Jesus says When the time to convert comes, many turn away. It takes courage and commitment to embark on the journey of transformation and most seekers are unwilling to commit themselves to the rigor and discipline without which the journey of awakening cannot be undertaken. Faith is peculiar. It demands unseen commitment, unspoken truth and unresolved surrender. Transformation requires faith; a sense of trusting in the outcome of all endeavors without the knowledge of the process. It requires belief that the truth will unfold without knowing what that truth is. It needs your surrender...

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Why Good Men Must Suffer

Jesus Says Prepare now for the battle is won. (Having won the battle with an inner demon, the seeker is being urged to prepare for the renewal of his energy before he undertakes another challenge. Rest must follow the intense activity that fighting the inner demons involves and Jesus is pointing to the period of tranquil stillness and the calm that the warrior must now gather) Don’t be amazed, nor wonder how and where from this word is uttered. It is indeed hard to perceive the way of things – your eye fails to capture these workings for they unravel in the subtle realms where unseen...

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