Ascension Signs – Is Your Frequency Increasing?

1. Nausea- particularly early mornings without any apparent or logical reason. Drinking more water helps. This is caused by the breakdown of old cellular patterns and elimination of the protein wastes generated in the process. 2.Increased Thirst- the body needs more water to flush out toxins and detox. Also higher vibrations can enter the body more easily if it is well hydrated. 3. Unexplained Headaches – these can sometimes be fairly severe. The old body is not accustomed to the higher frequencies and acclimatising to them can cause these pains which eventually pass as the body adapts....

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Postscript: The Time is Now

The time has arrived. The shift is operative. It is occurring even as these words are being transmitted to you. Dear ones, some of you have felt the stirrings of this shift already. The task ahead is going to be of a magnitude that you have never before known or experienced. Gear up your spirit, for it isn’t going to be easy. You have all been preparing for this. Some are more prepared some less so and some are not at all tuned into what is happening at the level of the collective human vibrations. Do not be alarmed, for there are enough of you who have prepared sufficiently and...

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Look not at your sorry state but at the glory of your full form. It is resplendent and it shines forth like the blazing sun. Where have you shed that dazzling gold? Where have you left the pearly hue of your richness? Go now my child in search of your treasure for without it you cannot return home, you are not the prodigal but the master himself. Know that!  Yes we say you are the Master himself. For are you not made in his image? So why then should you settle for less? Why should you be led to believe that you are the pauper when the master resides in you? Go find the brilliance of that...

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Chapter 18: Choose your Army Now

The shift brings in its wake the stirring of all forces both human and others, divine and malevolent. It is a time for vast and complex reorganization and as such the ripples shall be felt by all. The darkness that pervades becomes deeper for as they say the darkest part of night is closest to dawn. And so it is with the shift also. As the light workers and divine forces becomes fortified, so also is the dark force preparing for combat. Yes! this is a time for war. Fought at the subtle realms of your being. It is time to be vigilant each and every one of you there. It is a time to garner your...

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Chapter 17: Keep Dark Energies at Bay

There are many thoughts that indicate the presence of dark  and evil forces which will try to thwart your desire to undertake this journey. You may encounter some of these as they close in to tell you that this is a worthless journey, that you are wasting your time and that there’s no such thing as ascension. To those of you who are afflicted with these thoughts we speak to you.  Firstly know that you have permitted these dark ones to intervene with your process by lowering your vibrations. You may wonder what vibrations are. This is the speed at which your being vibrates to. Higher...

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Chapter 16: The Awareness Of Transformation

As your concerns about the world coming to an end abate, you shall see a new awareness dawning within you. The awareness of hope, of positivity, of transformation. And you will begin to feel, Yes! This is possible.From the centre of your being a new wave will emerge and this wave shall help you to cleanse all the deeper aspects of your existence. Each day as you search yourself with the flash lights that you shine within, in all the dark corners, new aspects shall unfold that you were hitherto unaware of. Sometimes you might even be surprised at all the stuff that will tumble out of the...

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