What Sai revealed about the Praying Horse

Last night i had a dream. I was to travel from one destination to another in order to arrive at a wedding. I chose to cover this distance on horse back. Interestingly, the horse i was riding was rather slow. His head hung low in a servile fashion. Many a times i tried to push him, urging him to speed up and go faster, but whenever i tried to, i found myself sitting on his head and about to fall off. At those times, i consciously pulled back my desire to speed up, and managed to stay astride the slow but steady horse. Then i came upon the boundary wall of a prayer house, a Gurudwara, and...

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Sai explains How to find Happiness in Relationships

Me: Sai, how should we love others so we can experience sweetness in our relationships? Sai: If you pluck a fruit when it is still raw, will it be sweet? You must wait patiently for the fruit to become ripe to experience its sweetness. Me: Help me understand that please. Sai: The unaware man is like the unripe fruit. He is still firmly bound to the tree of karma. He needs nourishment from the elements of life to help him mature. Anyone partaking of this young fruit will taste its rawness and might even find it bitter. Only when the fruit is ready to fall off the tree of karma, does it become...

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Sai explains How To Be Calm When You are treated Unequally

Me: Baba, how can one remain unaffected when others treat you unequally or promote comparisons? Sai: At such times keep your attention fixed on the good in them. Me: That seems very hard Baba, particularly since they are the ones who have hurt you. The mind feels agitated. It wants to react. It wants to fight the inequality. Sai: That is the nature of the mind. You must decide if you want to be peaceful or unhappy. Me: But are they right in treating others unequally? Sai: They can’t see that. Remember that I dwell in each one, regardless of his errors. If you wish, you can look for me in...

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Sai explains How to Eliminate Worry

Often I hear Baba’s guidance in meditation, deep sleep or in the few moments before consciousness returns (on waking up), and fills the mind with gross realities. I share his guidance here on how to find freedom from perpetual worries, so it may benefit all. Me: Baba, why does the mind worry about outcomes? Sai: Because faith is still weak. Me: Help me understand that better Baba. Sai: If faith was strong, you would be certain that the outcome of your efforts is being safely navigated by me. You would trust that I shall take care of you, just as a parent takes care of his child,...

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Sai Speaks: Bring the fist together (Muthi Baandho)

During a group gathering of lightworkers Sai Baba graced us with his presence and shared the following instructions and divine messages. I am sharing these here because so often in our human collaborative efforts we lose sight of these higher principles that are so critical for success. These messages form the pillar stones of management best practices and unified  human endeavours. Also at this time of the consciousness shift we can all learn and benefit from these important messages and incorporate them into our daily lives .The original message was received in Hindi. For the English...

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Guidance from Revered Guru Nanak Dev

Why is there so much darkness in our world? In the beginning darkness was created to help you see the light. But you got so immersed in it that you forgot its true purpose and have remained lost to it ever since. Only those who remember to use darkness to reach their inner illumination are able to cross the deep sea of darkness. It is their inner illumination that helps them to swim across without being drowned or devoured by it. Babaji why are we asked to drink so much water during this period of Earth changes and consciousness shift? There are certain vacuole faculties in the brain cells...

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