How does Remote Healing Work?

In order to administer remote healing a psychic connection is established with the recipient remotely across time and space through the vibrational frequency of the person’s name, age and residence address. Contact is established with the higher mind and the subtle bodies of the particular individual, after which appropriate healing is transmitted through a process of channelling, psychic scanning, Reiki distance healing and invocation of healing angels and master’s guidance. Skype sessions can also be arranged for more complex or  intense sessions.

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What is Required for a Remote Healing Session?

All you need to do is to provide details of the name, age and address of the person who has requested for the healing and the symptoms or health issue they are seeking relief from. Please confirm if the healing you have requested is for you or for someone else. If you are booking on behalf of a loved one, kindly confirm that you have their consent. Please arrange to transfer the healing fee through PayPal to my account from the booking page on the top tool bar and send me a confirmatory e-mail. Once the fee is transferred you will receive specifications of the exact time when healing shall be...

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