Dysfunctions Of The Absent Parent 3

Today the phenomena of working couples is exposing more and more kids to the reverse empty nest syndrome. While parents try their best to make all necessary arrangements for the child to be comfortable, nothing can beat the warmth, touch and understanding of the biological parents particularly the mother, in the first few years of life when the infant still perceives itself to be an extension of  her. In some cases, particularly those that are highly sensitive or creative, the child can end up feeling rudderless and out of control. It may even interpret mommy’s absence for long hours...

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Dysfunctions of the Military Parent 2

If you strongly believe that your child’s behavior is a direct reflection on you and your capability, you may unwittingly be turning into a Military parent. Such family environments are characterized by over regimentation, strict rules that must never be broken and rigid principles. Here discipline is valued over self expression. Children are taught to be seen not heard, they must always be polite, nor give vent to angry or disruptive emotions and they are expected to live by strong boundaries peppered liberally with do’s and don’ts. The child learns to stifle his feelings and lives in...

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Dysfunctions of The Warring Parent 1

These parents tend to disagree and fight a lot, sometimes being abusive to each other. This is followed by a period of disengagement where communication breaks down and both don’t speak to each other. This creates a stressful home environment, where the child begins to live in state of uncertainty and fear about what might happen next. The child starts perceiving the world as an unsafe place to live in.He grows into an insecure and emotionally disturbed person who struggles to find balance in life and veers towards depressive and fearful tendencies, imagines the worst, becomes cynical and...

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Is Your Home Environment Dysfunctional?

I have been getting so many cases of disturbed children, rebellious teenagers and angry young adults over the last few months . For the sake of the larger audience I have decided to write a short series that can help you understand why our children may be behaving this way. One of the key contributing factors responsible for their less than ideal behavior is a dysfunctional home environment caused by various parenting styles. I will write about each parenting style which includes the Warring parent, Military parent, Absent parent, Phantom parent, Critical parent, Overprotective parent,...

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When Does the Soul Join The Fetus?

Q: When does a soul enter the mother’s womb?I have read it happens sometime after third trimester, soul enters the body of baby / fetus ? Is that true ? A: Dear S Each soul chooses its own perfect time to enter the womb. This is a highly complex decision based on several aspects such as the maturity and age of the soul (depending on where it is in its evolutionary cycle), the kind of earthly body it has chosen in that particular lifetime, the kind of brain frequencies selected in that chosen body etc. Usually infant souls who are in a hurry to reincarnate may enter the womb as early as...

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Soul Guidance from a Newborn

A two month old baby was admitted into the hospital for a surgical procedure. His father had recently enrolled himself in the journey of spiritual awakening under my guidance as a mentee.  A strange confluence of events had brought him to me under rather interesting circumstances. That meeting had awakened a strong urge in him to discover the divine path, and to me it seemed no coincidence that all this had happened barely nine days after the birth of this baby. It appeared as though this child had a soul contract with his parents to activate and assist in their spiritual evolution. Minutes...

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