Quick Tip 26: Gazing Into the Three Worlds

Eyes carry the mysteries of our soul. They also navigate our perception. As I contemplated my experiences and conversations with nature here in south island (NZ), I received a wonderful insight. When we turn our eyes skyward, we activate our memory, we remember, relive, and receive powerful insights. Perhaps that is why the eyes are rolled upward in meditation, in alpha and deeper sleep states. This is how we can reach out to the creator and attempt to connect with Him also. When our gaze is forward looking, at eye level, we are observing and absorbing the environment we live in. This allows...

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QuickTip 25:Healing Digestive Disorders

If you are suffering from acidity, reflux (GERD), gastritis, IBS, or other stomach related discomforts drinking solarised water can bring you great relief. 1.To prepare solarised water fill a few glass bottles with drink worthy water and seal the tops with any natural fibre like a piece of cloth. I use cloth coasters kept in place with rubber bands or on rushed mornings I just place the bottle caps on the coasters (though this is not the ideal way). 2. Prepare enough bottles for a full days supply, ideally about 3 litres. 3. Now place these bottles in the sunlight for a minimum of 6 hours....

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Quick Tip 24: How To Overcome Your Lacks

If you are feeling a lack of something in your life, examine if you have unknowingly blocked its flow. The basis of all things in this universe is energy and being in motion is its primary characteristic. When you hoard this energy in any form, you prevent its free flow into your life. Just as water flowing through a blocked pipe at high pressure will find any another opening to keep in the flow, so also when you block a particular energy in your life by hoarding it or holding back its onward supply, the energy of that thing flows away from you and you stop receiving it. If you feel you...

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Quick Tip 23: Most Powerful Method To Quit Smoking

1. The very first step in quitting any substance abuse is to choose it. If you are being driven by someone other than yourself to quit, it can be very daunting unless your love for that person is stronger than your dependence on the substance or smoke. 2. Try and recall the very first instance when you started smoking and what caused you to do it. Was it to overcome fear or inhibitions, was it to belong to the group, was it for a thrill or because you were curious, was it to overcome your shyness or isolation. 3. Once you have identified the original cause see if your past reasons are still...

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Quick Tip 22: Is Your Food Destroying Your Peace?

The young monk had been invited to bless the new home and partake of a blessings meal. Every object of beauty and luxury that one could think of, adorned the interiors of that house. Clearly the lord had blessed this family with all worldly gifts. The monk sat silently, his mind aware of the opulence of his environment yet untouched and unaffected by it all. The peace in his heart radiated on his face like the glow of a lamp casting a halo of translucent yellow light. An elaborate feast was laid out in his honor  Helpers were rushing in and out of the kitchen in hushed silence. The hostess...

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Quick Tip 21: Tree Of Love

The magnificent tree stood three stories tall, majestic in its form and foliage. It had weathered many storms and seen many seasons pass. So many had walked past it and some had stopped to rest in its shade. While people in its vicinity had come and gone, the tree had stood its ground. Winds of change swept through its leaves rustling them, but never disturbing. Until that sun drenched morning when it heard, that it had become a burden. The wall it grew along had grown weary of its weight and its long strong roots had grown too deep for comfort. It now leaned against the wall, resting its...

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