De-addiction from Alcohol

Q: Dear Suzy, I’m going through your book “Heal the storm within”. It touched me to the core. Maybe because i am going through an emotional storm. My son is too much into alcohol and smoking. He is married with children. Alcohol has now started affecting his health. Advice, counselling, shouting, screaming,  have done all. Not ready to listen of rehab or Professional help. This because he does not feel he is wrong. Every evening he goes with friends for liquor. I feel someone away from the family can put something rational in his head. CAN YOU HELP ME? A: Dear Sister, I can...

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10 Great Insights to Overcome Relationship Woes With Your Girlfriend

From the diary of a young man, a client shares his insights after digesting the information gleaned at a therapy session on healing his insecurities. 1. Discover your control dramas & give them up. I had always looked at anger as a necessary coping mechanism to be heard in my relationships. But I learnt from this session, that anger was just my way of reacting when I felt threatened. I can be happier if I remain calm. Regardless of how angry or intimidating my girlfriend may sound, I can choose to be calm and still be firm & assert myself. If i keep my center anchored and balanced,...

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5 Reasons Why You May Still Be Unmarried

Have you ever checked out of a romantic relation only because you were uncomfortable with the idea of marriage? Or postponed it endlessly in favour of higher qualifications and better career prospects? And now when you are finally feeling ready to settle down, do you feel there are just no suitable prospects? Chances are you are attracting this experience of remaining single because of some deeper issues in your subconscious. If any of the above applies to you, you may just be suffering from Gamophobia or fear of marriage. If you are a woman faced with this dilemma, the following reasons may...

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Break up Blues

Heartbreak is perhaps one of the hardest experiences that young people struggle with today. Neeraj is a victim of this malady. His girlfriend of three years dumped him recently and because of which he sunk into depression. He isolated himself,  put on huge amounts of weight and spent most of his hours sleeping or brooding about his ex girlfriend. His waking hours were filled with unreal fantasies about her or worrying about whom she might be dating at present. Life was no longer about himself or his well being, but rather about brooding and reminiscing about a past. This only caused him...

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How to Listen When People Share

The key to building strong relationships with people is providing them with a safe and open environment in which to share their deeper feelings without the fear of being judged, criticized or having their feelings invalidated. So often when people talk, we are so preoccupied with ourselves or what we are doing, our opinions and views, that we forget that it’s not about us or what we think or feel, but rather about what the other is feeling that is really important. By giving them our wholesome attention and listening, we tune into their unspoken communication and reward the trust they...

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The Plain and the Beautiful

The Almond muffins sat quietly poised near the fruit platter. They could hear the clatter of silver cutlery and loud boisterous voices in the background. You all are so plain, exclaimed the beautifully decorated cake that sat proudly on the same table as them. That’s true, spoke one muffin in a calm and steady voice, but even though we look plain we are rich with care because we were baked by the most loving pair. Huh, it’s not the care but the flare that matters plain one. Do you know, the hands that baked me are more skilled than any on this land and the rich from far and wide eat...

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