Chapter 9: Ego Creates The Veil

IMG_0579The last time we spoke about why you must look inwards and how you yourself create your realities.

 Know that it isn’t easy being human.

Your vision is veiled from the truth and the domain of the ego and its power prohibits you from seeing reality as it really is. How may I see the truth you ask? And we say look deeply at things. See their source, their origin. Understand what their reason to be is. Know that all things occur and exist because of the inner realities. What you see and what meets your eyes is only the external pretence, not the inner truth. But it’s the inner truth that drives peoples motivations and their actions.

So if you wish to know the truth about people, then go beyond their words.

 In fact it’s even better, perhaps easier, if you do not confuse your mind with what they say. Try and comprehend what their fears are because most people today are only driven by their fears, including you. So if you wish to understand your own truth, go beyond the first justification of being the way that you are, that your mind presents. Know that the first view is presented by the ego and ego is the organiser of the veil. Ego does not wish for you to look too deeply for if you do, you will discover the reality which shall threaten his domain. He prefers that you see superficially so that his pretence can continue.

But what does ego stand to gain from creating this veil?

Ego can rule over you. Ego is the chief commander of the dark forces. He is their most intelligent general. Ego makes sure that you never see the truth, hear the truth or know the truth. So in making that happen, ego serves the darkness completely and always ensures its victory.

Ego is what makes you feel superior to your brother, ego is what makes you compare one with another, ego is who prompts you to be jealous, ego is the master that makes you commit crimes against your fellowmen, ego is the one that makes you steal what belongs to others, ego makes you believe that you can be happy by causing others pain. Can you see how it serves ego’s cause to keep you in the dark?

Well yes it sounds logical

Not only is it logical, it is painful. It restricts you from becoming who you truly are, it prohibits your expansion into higher beings, and ensures you remain chained as a slave to the darkness.

What does ego gain by doing all this?

What does one country gain by defeating another? What does one company gain by stealing the market share of a competitor, what does one partner gain by cheating his own? No matter where the game is played the rules are always the same. Power is the stake and victory is the goal.

And if ego wins what will happen?

Look around you and see for yourself the consequence of ego’s victories. Rape, murder, war, pain, anguish, crime. Is this a world worth living in? Do you not flinch when you open the newspaper every morning and read only about these things? Do you feel this is the kind of world you want your children to grow up in? Do you want them to live each day experiencing these events? Do you even feel your children are safe? Or happy and protected in this world? Ask them, do they feel happy and secure in the world ?

What should we do to make this world a better place for our children then?

Look inwards. See your truth. Examine it .Know yourself. Understand what your god essence is and know what is created by the ego. Then choose deliberately that which you want to keep and discard what you don’t. For as you sow you shall reap. If you sow seeds of ego you will reap all the misery we spoke about earlier which is the plight of your world today, and if you sow deliberate seeds of love, then you will create a world of glory and oneness; a world that marks the beginning of a new era, the era of peace, joy and love.

How can just looking inwards bring such a profound and massive change?

When one person wakes up a million lights are lit around him as this light shines forth and transforms all that comes in contact with him. If each person chooses to wake up from this slumber of greed and power then instantly the world that he mirrors will also be awakened and that person will experience something within him changing too, and like a virus that spreads instantly, this virus of wakefulness will spread until it engulfs all of humanity. And its power will be such that nothing will then be able to stop it. But you need to contract this virus.

And how may I do that?

By going inwards.

Seems like everything comes back to going inwards.

Yes. It does. And if you are sensing despondency in this matter know that it is because ego does not want you to take responsibility. That is its subtle game. It’s a ploy to keep you from starting the change. Even the thought of it, the possibility that you might choose to wake up threatens the ego and it wants to abort your intent instantly. Crush it before you can even be aware of it. It does not want you to wake up. Can’t you see?

Well kind of.

Can you imagine how disastrous it might be for ego if you did awaken? If you did really choose not to hurt each other anymore? If you chose to be forgiving and loving instead? And if you chose peace over war or if you were willing to share all that you had equally? And if they were no more greed and if no one craved power anymore? Can you see how ego may not have a job left and how it would become redundant and even be handed the pink slip by the mighty dark one.

Well if he can’t do his job; he is likely to be dismissed.

Exactly. And do you think that would be easy for someone who has been ruling over you all for so many centuries now? Do you think he is going to take this waking up business lightly or is he going to use every trick in his dark book to ensure you never wake up?

And therefore know that looking within and knowing your truth is not something that he is going to permit that easily. He will put up a fight. He will give you umpteen reasons why this is all hogwash and doesn’t deserve your precious time and attention. He is going to whisper in your head that you are being stupid getting carried away by these crazy ideas of truth. That you already know everything that there is to know and that there is no other truth than the one that you already know.

So be prepared for the battle. We are warning you, it’s not going to be easy. You will need conviction and tenacity. You will need faith and vision. You will need purpose and hope. So take a deep breath and prepare for what lies ahead. This is going to be the biggest battle you have ever fought. And you will need all the training you can get.

 These messages about the impending Earth shifts are from The divine Masters Sai Baba of Shirdi and Guru Nanak Dev and have been channeled through Suzy. The text is as originally received and remains largely untouched and unedited.


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