Chapter 10: The Meaning Of Success

IMG_0555Tonight we shall speak about success and what you understand by that word. For most of you reading this, success is material accomplishment – a title, a position, a rank, a status occupied or enjoyed by you. You measure it in terms of the belongings you can acquire. So if you have a fancy car and a great house with a swimming pool then you consider yourself successful.

 Never for a moment do you stop to evaluate success in terms of your mental state.

How many times have you even considered that success may have something to do with how you feel about yourself deep down in that place where no one except you ventures? That place where all your secret feelings and thoughts and ideas are buried. And if you feel successful in there then why do you crave more? Why is your being not content in that feeling? Does success only mean external symbols or should it be indicative of the state of calm that you achieve in your being? Shouldn’t contentment be the true measure of how successfully you have lived your life or should it simply point to your bank balances? How can success be about the things that lie outside of you we ask?

Should success not measure your internal peace, tranquillity and oneness with the universe?

 Should it not be about how complete you feel and how much you feel you have grown within? Is success not a karmic calculation? Are you not aware that the way your soul comprehends success has little to do with your material possessions? It pays no heed to what all you have accumulated and hoarded. It pays no respect to your badge or status. It is indifferent to your external beauty. It is unaffected by the collection of your material treasures.

The soul measures success only in terms of a life well lived.

One in which you are able to move your karmic bank account into a potentially positive credit balance. It measures how well you learn each lesson that life presents you with. It evaluates just how many times you fail before you finally master the lesson or don’t. It looks at how many new acts of positive karma you add to your ledger. The soul only looks to your thoughts and deeds. What you think in the deep recesses of your mind and with how much honesty you perform your actions. These are the things that determine just how success fully you live your life.

Are you able to discover the true meaning of your life?

Do you have enough courage to walk that path? Do you have the magnanimity to put others before yourself? Are you following the calling of your heart? These are the things that determine success. Now how many of you have ever looked at success in this way? And we wonder why? Why does your definition of success not have any relationship with who you are and what you really came here to do? Why does success have such a distant relationship from your true reality? Have you ever wondered?

If you had, you would have discovered that what keeps you from knowing yourself is the same one that distorts your understanding of success. It is the master of the veil – the ego, who has surreptitiously ensured that what you strive for your whole life has nothing to do with your true nature. It has ensured that you never succeed in what really matters. In what can get you ahead of yourself. What can make you win at the game of life? It has, through the veil, entirely distorted your perception of what is important. And hence all you do your whole life is chase an illusion, never really discovering that inner peace and calm which is so ephemeral to you. It keeps evading you but now you know why.

You are so busy doing all that will never let you succeed.

No matter how hard you try you will not suceed because my dear friend you are climbing the wrong mountain. This is the mountain of illusion and not reality. Think, introspect and ask why is it that the higher you climb the mountain of illusion, the more miserable and dissatisfied you become? If this was true success, then with each step you should have found lasting happiness and joy. And the sense of peace should have grown deep within you. But instead as you chase the illusion of success the more unhappy you become. Does this make any sense at all? It defies commonsense.

Can you see how brilliantly ego has colored your vision?

 How it has entrapped you in its web of falsity so deeply that you don’t even question the logic of it any more. The more successful you become, the emptier and lonelier you feel. If your version of success was real, it should have brought you all the peace and tranquility you could dream of, but it hasn’t. So isn’t there something really out of place here?

Well it sure is making sense. I wonder why I never thought of it before.

That’s because you have become habituated to complex thinking. The universe is very simple in its approach. It does not complicate anything. You will always find the greatest truths to be most simple. That in fact, is a key sign of a truth – its simplicity.

But this begets that we rewire our whole way of approaching life.

Yes it does. You need to start looking at things deeply as we said earlier, for when you do you will ask pertinent questions, and when that questioning is accompanied by going within, then all answers will spontaneously and simply be revealed to you. Because this is the only way you can go beyond the veil and really see.

Ok. Now I’m beginning to get why you always emphasize the need to go within.

We are glad that you are beginning to see the light.

 These messages about the impending Earth shifts are from The divine Masters Sai Baba of Shirdi and Guru Nanak Dev and have been channeled through Suzy. The text is as originally received and remains largely untouched and unedited.



  1. suzysingh says:

    Kali R Bilimoria read this post and made the following comment on my Facebook page
    “Measuring success with material gains is a deadly syndrome that eventually consumes its creator.Chapter 10 has a deep insight which can save us from pitfalls but one’s own EGO (Edging God Out) will block many of us from accepting the truth till one learns from their own mistakes.I hope and pray that the message revealed in Chapter 10 touches deep within every heart and helps the reader in making the right choice. “

  2. sandeepgupta says:

    To sustain and take advantage of all the growth and evolution attained by mankind, it is of prime importance that we train ourselves to shift our consciousness from the material (external) to the spirit (internal) and foster the correct balance between the occidental and the oriental philosophies in our lives. In this background chapter 10, which deals with permanent success, assumes critical importance. Since, the very reason of our being born in this world is our soul’s inherent propensity to associate with the media of this world (matter and mind) and focus on the impermanent (mater and mind) rather than the permanent (spirit), I would request Suzy to repeatedly broadcast the message of chapter 10.

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