Chapter 11: Wake Up To Your True Nature

IMG_0568 Why is it that you suffer from such deep anguish and pain, you ask?

Why is it that you suffer from such deep anguish and pain, you ask?And we say it is because you have accumulated all the strains of unnecessary desires that do not serve you, that you do not need, that were never required to support your true nature. And in trying to service all these desires, in trying to accomplish this greed you have distorted your frequencies.

 Your frequencies were peaceful and joy loving, they were meant to regulate your metabolism and control your vibratory rate thus keeping you in balance. But you chose to violate all the rules that were essential for your peaceful survival. You chose to listen to the treacherous voice of the dark ones who lured you with their temptations and unsustainable promises. That is when you really fell from the grace of your own vibration. That is the deepest damage you caused yourselves for it went against who you were and why you chose to exist apart from your source – the source from which you were created.

 In being lured you slowly developed amnesia towards that which was your very own. You forgot your God, your creator, your love for him and slowly this connection became more and more weak. Until such time as now when you can no longer even hear the voice of the divine one. He calls out to you hoping you will respond but alas you cannot hear him.

He has become strange and distant to you and you neither recognise your connection with him nor yearn to hear him. And though his connection with you all can never really be severed, it has become so fragile, so remote and so tarnished by the dark soot of your burnt out desires and unhappiness that it no longer glows with the light that you might only faintly remember. And hence it is that your connection is almost as if it doesn’t exist.

There are times you call out to him and he hopes with glee in his heart that perhaps the memory of your essence has woken you up and that you might have remembered. But no, you call him only when your greed is not serviced by the creators of your desire and in vain you turn to God asking him to fulfil all that the dark ones promised you but never gave.

 And sad as it is God relents and makes peace with himself.

So what if his progeny doesn’t remember that they are a part of him and are in essence his heartbeat, so what if they don’t remember to love him back , at least they call out to him even if it is only to ask for more. More of what will take them even further away from him. More of what will taint the connection and make it even more remote, more of what may take his children to the point of no return. And with a sad and heavy heart he grants you some of what you want.

 He gives you some only, just to see you smile for he knows that what you have asked for in ignorance, if he were to fulfil it entirely, you would sabotage your only hope of ever returning to him. And so each time you turn to him and ask for more, you are actually asking him to send you even further away from him. Can you imagine how hard that must be for your creator?

And so there remain only two paths ahead.

One that goes so deep into the forest of darkness that you lose yourself completely and when the last hope of your return is relinquished, when you sink so deep that all chances of redemption are lost, then you leave no choice to God but to bring you all back to him and start the game all over again. And that would mean he will be compelled to end the game himself, having lost all of your souls to the darkness of your own desires.

 And the other more beautiful and glorious path is if you begin to see differently. If you begin to wake up to your source and your truth, if you start to remember the original plan and you begin to awaken. Then, in a moment, when enough of you have woken up, instantly your reality will change. For you will have shaken off the grime and dirt and revealed the glory and illumination of your connection. And you will then work towards restoring order and eventually you will be able to raise your vibrations enough to see and think as you are meant to.

Then you will move to the next level in this game. A more peaceful and profound level. One where you will call upon yourself to grow and develop in other mystical and unthinkable ways, into a new world that deep down you have always hoped for. This is the plan that you need to remember, for you carry the imprint of it in your being, in your soul.

We seem to have done ourselves so much damage.

Do not mourn that or feel sad about it. For when the fallen rise, the victory is glorious beyond imagination. You have the potential to make the whole universe proud of your accomplishment. You can set the example of how the impossible is possible. You can demonstrate how the power of love can rescue the most tarnished souls. It is possible for you all to do this.

And how may we do this?

Through the power of commitment, focus and discipline. Through the coming together of minds, hearts and souls. Through the collective desire to succeed. When enough of you start to want something greater than the fulfilment of your personal needs, the beacon of light will shine through.

It is then than others will see it and a faint memory of the source will be triggered within their hearts. They will resonate with it. They will begin to remember that they are bigger than the parts. That they are all part of the one, that they all belong together.

And then souls will meld and merge in this thanksgiving and a new future will be created. We want you to know it, understand it so that when the first signs present themselves to those of you who are reading this text, you will recognise them and be among the first to wake up so that you may be able to wake up those in your vicinity, and this revolution, this uprising of souls to go back to their source can commence and the movement can succeed.

How will we recognise the signs?

As you read these pages your soul mind is remembering, aligning and re- patterning the observations and frequencies within you. You will simply be able to see them effortlessly as a knowing, because the knowing is caused by the stirrings of the soul mind. And the soul mind is the only part of you that has the ability to remember all, even in your current state of gloom and darkness.

Do we know what these signs will be?

No they will show themselves when the time is right and be rest assured that you will recognize them. There is nothing more you need to do except follow the instructions we have given before on going within.

Is there anything at all that I need to do to help?

When you help yourself awaken, you help each and everyone that comes in touch with you. They might not understand it, but they will find the magnetism of the awakened one so attractive. They will be drawn to you. They will seek to know more. Deep within themselves they too will want to awaken and hence the only thing that you must do is use all your power to wake up.

These messages about the impending Earth shifts are from The divine Masters Sai Baba of Shirdi and Guru Nanak Dev and have been channeled through Suzy. The text is as originally received and remains largely untouched and unedited.


Photo Credit: Esha Singh


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