Chapter 12: The Meaning of Evolution

IMG_0571Today we shall address your concerns about evolution and what it really means.

Many of you have heard so many different theories and ideas but aren’t really clear as to what it means to evolve. So understand that the seed containing the promise of the whole tree is in its unmanifest form. The seed is the potential tree. But simply having the potential does not guarantee that the tree will manifest. That is the inherent capability, the intelligence, the power of the seed.

How tall the tree grows, how robust and vibrant it becomes, what purpose it serves, how many find relief under its shade and how many are scorched by the sun because its branches remained too weak and scanty from neglect, all these possibilities exist and any can all be true depending on what the tree chooses to be.

Each one of you contains as many possibilities as the tree.

The only thing that is predetermined is the maximum potential that you may achieve in each lifetime; and most often that is really an ambitious target set by your soul. And yet there are rare instances when one of you may strive so hard and stretch so far in a single lifetime that even that boundary of maximum potential is further stretched by the Source because that being achieves the impossible in a single lifetime.

But for the most of you, rarely do you even achieve the level of your maximum potential. For having lost yourselves in the merry making of life and the ordeals and miseries that you encounter along the way, you lose your ability to remember your purpose. When the limit is successfully reached in each lifetime you qualify for exceptional progress and that fetches you a ticket into the stadium of those who play the game at the next level. You move into advanced generation version of the game.

So does the tree remain a tree in the next version you ask.

Maybe not. For it has learnt all it had to in being a tree. And now it can exercise the choice of experiencing a different realm. Maybe it will choose to come back as a deer. And experience the ability to move and explore the forest and know what lies beyond and around, above and below the trees. And so the cycle goes on. But the tree can become the deer only after it has grown from being the shrub to the climber to the bush to the pine and maybe someday even the oak. Mighty and majestic it reaches the pinnacle of its height, towering above, from where it can see and know and relive and remember its history.

Remember that it was once that shrub, and the climber and the bush and also the pine. In that moment it embraces all that it has learnt and all that it thirsts to know and become. And having learnt all it had to, having satisfied its curiosity of each of those lives lived and having understood and become it all, it knows that now it’s becoming can be of a different essence and it chooses a new realm of discoveries and exploration.

 Through each life and through every level of upward movement it encounters and fulfils it’s yearning to know itself,  and so on it moves higher and higher until it has learnt everything that was ever to be learnt, till it has experienced all that can ever be learnt and till it has no further curiosity left to satisfy. Then it becomes the all-knowing, the all- being, the one and only, GOD.

So evolution my dear one is the being, the becoming and the knowing of who you are. It is the journey through eternity, the journey that takes you back home to your own self. It is the journey of rediscovering where you came from and who you truly are. A long explanation for not so long a word, don’t you think?

Actually considering how long the journey is I think this was a rather brief description. You captured it really well.

When you understand the perspective of evolution you understand your history, you understand your responsibility and you can comprehend the choices you must make. It is encoded in your soul, you know it so well. It’s just that you have forgotten.

Can we remember this essence in our normal, everyday, ordinary lives?

Oh, you do remember it. Each one of you remembers. That void you sometimes feel, that is this what life is all about feeling, and the there must be more to life than just this eating and drinking feeling and that why do I feel so empty or so lonely inside feeling, or even why am I here and where are we all going feeling. Those are your memories trying to surface within you.

All of you have them sometimes but you don’t pay enough attention. They come repeatedly and you mourn them and sometimes even share them with a friend but you don’t go deeper. You don’t contemplate upon them; you don’t dig deep enough to see where and why they are emerging from.

You don’t feel it necessary to explore those feelings and seek answers to them. The few, who do, wake up. They find the truth. But those are few in numbers. The majority of you are content with the monotony and boredom of your daily existence.

So why are we like this?

You have lost touch with your essence, your soul, your inner guide. How many of you even hear that little voice anymore. There used to be two voices in you. Most of you now can only hear one. You know what we are alluding to don’t you?

Yes. I guess you are talking about the devil and God.

See. Even as you talk, it’s the dark one who comes to your mind first. See how remote your own goodness has retreated within yourself and you wonder why you have become the way you are. Isn’t it of your own doing? Don’t you yourself choose who you wish to keep in your minds and hearts and who you break away from? Isn’t that an individual choice? One that each one of you makes every single day? Isn’t that a matter of free will?

Yes it is, and I kind of feel embarrassed, maybe even ashamed to confess it.

There ought to be no shame in matters of personal choice but do we understand that you wish you had chosen otherwise?

Well yes after hearing what you have to say and understanding it in the way you have presented it.

We have only said the truth.

Yes but one doesn’t really get to hear the truth so often you know.

Yes, we understand that. Truth is hard to come by in your world today.

So true.

The only request we have is that as you awaken to and feel these stirrings in your soul, don’t just set them aside. Nurture this restlessness. Water it with your contemplation, caress it with the import of your inner reflections and seek answers within your meditations. Go after this restlessness. Want to understand it. Chase it. Don’t lose sight of it. Don’t let it get buried once again in the debris of your daily living. Seek it. Understand it. Know it. And then the truth will set you free.

These messages about the impending Earth shifts are from The divine Masters Sai Baba of Shirdi and Guru Nanak Dev and have been channeled through Suzy. The text is as originally received and remains largely untouched and unedited. 


Photo Credit: Esha Singh


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