03. Childhood Molestation

Reena, an intelligent and vibrant lady

wanted to heal the wounds of her childhood trauma. Even though she had made intense efforts to heal, she was not able to put the past behind and move on. It was almost as if a part of her was stuck in that experience and she was unable to release it.

Under Hypnotic Age Regression  Reena regressed back

to an incident where during an innocent game of hide and seek with her cousins at her maternal grandparents house, she was abused by her uncle. He took her up to the terrace of the house, on the pretext of finding her a special hiding place, and then forced her to fondle his private parts. That experience repeated itself several times subsequently, leaving deep scars on her innocent psyche.

She ached to somehow forget the incident and move on,

but no matter how hard she tried, she was unable to let go of her anger and forgive her uncle. All she knew, was that there was something she needed to learn from that experience but what it was, she didn’t have a clue.

On regressing back to a Past life, she saw herself as a

ten year old girl, living among the moving igloo settlements. Hiding behind the thick jungle trees, she saw a group of suspicious looking people running out of the forest and attacking the innocent people in the settlement. They dragged them out of their homes by their hair and killed them mercilessly.

As she saw the village being plundered, she suddenly

sensed a presence behind her, and she swung around swiftly. Almost on reflex she thrust the knife that she was holding in her hand into that persons stomach, in her defense, and killed him.

For a brief instance she as still as death, and then

tears began to stream down her face. She realized that the man she had just killed, was a well meaning neighbor from the settlement, who had come to protect her and save her from the ravaging invaders. A sense of deep regret overtook her as this understanding dawned on her fully.

She recognized the man whom she had killed to be

her abusive uncle in the present lifetime and realized that suffering at his hands was a karmic redemption and a lesson in forgiveness. With this deep spiritual understanding, she was finally able to forgive him and set herself free.

Reena’s frightened and hurt Inner Child was healed

and she was guided to reclaim the parts of herself which had been  lost in that childhood incident such as, her sense of peace & calm, energy, comfort, self worth, happiness and the ability to support herself.

In places where these negative emotions

were blocking her she chose to fill herself them with energy, dynamism and strength of joy and confidence and for the first time ever Reena felt she was free to move on.

Recently Reena informed me that she has suddenly

started writing poetry. She said, “I don’t know where the words flow out from but I just put my pen to paper and before I know it the deepest stirrings of my heart are scribbled in sheer poetry on that page.’

I have often observed that when someone is able to love

themselves again, their love seeks expression through poetry. This is one miracle that bewilders me each time I behold  someone who has healed their love of self and I can’t help but marvel at the strength of the human spirit to heal itself.

Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality


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