Childhood Fears

Today’s session took me into the early years of my clients infancy and revealed just how powerfully, experiences are etched in the subconscious mind and dictate how we feel and behave years later.

A young mother carries her one year old baby

to the market to shop for vegetables. As she engages her attention on the task of selecting them, the playful child spots a dark menacing beggar in tattered clothes walking towards them. His face breaks into a smile, perceived by the baby not as a friendly one, but as wicked. Instantly the baby starts crying as she interprets his presence as a threat to her safety.

She feels he has come to snatch her away from her mother.

Years later she suffers from hallucinations about threats to her life from criminals, kidnappers, and other bad elements that trigger black outs. That seemingly ordinary experience made the world seem like an unsafe place to her where every small trigger like a program on TV or a negative news report today stimulates that memory and her mind seizes from the fear of the impending danger.

Only when you heal your inner child can you set yourself free from your childhood programs.

Does your inner child need to be healed?


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