You proclaimed my bud a weed

Before it could unfold

But that doesn’t make it

Less beautiful as told


It grows in the garden of my life

And I will watch over its every strife

Protecting, guarding and guiding

Its journey towards the light


A million hurts

Buried in your heart

Unknown to me

I know not my part


And yet you choose

To nurse the pain

All my attempts to learn why

You fling aside in vain


So if you cannot find it in your heart

To let bygones be for just a start

We may just come upon a fork

Where our paths begin to part


For misplaced hurt and judgements

Often do lead

To places dark

And sow the seed

Of towering oak trees

Where there was once an acorn

Leaving no room

For anything but scorn


So better that we choose

To walk different paths

And not let contempt breed

For it takes us apart


But I wonder if it ever crossed your heart

To ponder why you’ve set apart

That which we were born to keep

Good or bad it was ours to reap


Sunset upon us its time to look yonder

To make it better or at least wonder

If rain will follow and appease the thunder

Or if the burning fires of hatred

Our familial soil will plunder.


1. So often the relationships we grow up with sour over things not as important as the karma we were meant to work through in this life. But we choose to shut the doors of our heart hoping it will ease the pain which only grows deeper into our own subtle bodies causing diseases.

2. Hatred causes cancer, Anger causes kidney stones and Liver failure, Holding on to old hurts causes tumors, Intense fear causes Paralysis …the list is endless.

3. If you are carrying the burden of old hurts and pain you have two choices. Hold on to them, surrender your body too unending suffering and postpone the completion of karma to another painful lifetime.

4. Or face your fears, your anger and your angst. Bring out the skeletons from your closet and work through them before the volcano of your internal fire overflows with steaming lava destroying the very land it rests upon.

5. Choose now to heal them, overcome them, complete those karmic transactions and reclaim your peace.

6. Know that it’s one of the reasons you chose to incarnate into that very family among those very souls and in those very relationships.



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