Collective Compassion

An unbelievable set of parallel occurrences

brought together three women in the most mystical manner after 22 years today. I wonder if it was a confluence of coincidences or an articulate divine arrangement. As we sat together still reeling in amazement how this could be occurring, we began sharing our stories of angst, pain and challenges that each had experienced, unknown to the others, way back then in our shared environment.

Surprisingly the singular thread that wove these stories together

was the recognition of- Oh my God! And I thought I was the only one going through that stuff. Strangely enough the knowledge that each was going through the hard times created a collective sense of compassion and oneness that  brought a warm sense of calm and relief; like balm upon our souls.

In our own ways, each walked away feeling lighter

and healed in some way and a powerful new bond permeated the air as we parted ways with the joyful declaration of wanting to remain connected and complete what had started off this day.

So often when we are suffering the lessons life wishes to teach us, we tend to single ourselves out believing that we alone are going through that terrible pain. We isolate ourselves even in our suffering. We believe all is well with the world, everyone else is happy, everyone is living perfect lives and I alone am suffering.

Subconsciously this reinforces the belief that I am not good enough, not worthy enough and that I am being punished for being less. Simply knowing that we are not in it alone and that others too are hurting within their own stories and their life dramas, helps us to belong. It helps us to be part of the collective and this sense of belonging makes us feel worthy, even in pain.


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