Crumpled Brown Leaves That Speak

A fierce wind blows outside my rain spattered window. It’s force meets the spent leaves of the quivering trees, severing their connection with the branch. As the crumpled brown leaves are swept in the breeze, do they curse it for having cut short their life on the tree? Or do they succumb willingly?


How does nature know it is time for spring? How does the wind know it must gather force to bring down the leaves that must return to dust? Does the barren tree lament the loss of it’s leaves? Or does it accept the turn of seasons, knowing that new leaves will soon sprout?


Why do we humans fear death when old age approaches, knowing that time must eventually snuff out life from our tired bodies and take us beyond?

Why do we fight the forces of time and cling to life wanting to stay on?

Why do we lament the passing of those who have gone before us, knowing that we too shall follow soon and return in new bodies & forms?

Why do we find it so hard, to do what nature does so effortlessly? Why do we resist the immutable universal laws?


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