Did You See God This Morning?

An expansive sky, overcast with dark clouds drifting across the frame gave the impression of mobility. It was a grey morning and everything seemed ordinary. Nothing stood out. Just a plain, somber and lack luster start to any ordinary day in our untouched lives.

Untouched by the sparkling glint of the soul, that we live believe is what living is all about. Each day melts into another, reducing the breath count of our lives but generously adding age, unwieldy acquisitions and meaningless anxieties. Time moves on much like those grey clouds pregnant with darkness and despondency. Sadly we accept our lot, content to live within the routines and mechanical existence of daily habits.

The flat assembly line of daily living is disrupted occasionally by the illusion of moving up an elevation we call success, leading us to the next step in the process which is as rudimentary as the last, as plain and as grey as the one before. We are convinced that this is the life we are meant to live. This is our destiny.

For an instant the clouds bleach giving the hint of a circle hiding behind the curtain. The gaze deepens, searching, scrutinizing maybe even imploring for a sign. Wondering which one is the illusion. Is it the movement of the clouds that’s real, or is it their bleaching, or perhaps its the mystical form hiding behind them?

And then in the flash of an eye the light grows so luminous, so intense, so vast it embraces everything; consuming all illusions within its magnanimous glow. A ray of light flashes through space like an unfolding circle of tranquil fire, stretching, spreading, engulfing, embracing everything in its fold; without exception, without questions, without distinction. Breathing a magical dance of unison, palpating and rippling endlessly across eternity. Time stops and everything throbs together in its effulgence.

Touched by that pure energy, the body shudders. Is this the truth- unspoken, unheard, unseen but simply known? Or is it merely a vision leaving the sky ablaze and everything else resplendent in its afterglow? The grey clouds speed across with urgency, dispelling the light, obscuring it, containing it, cutting off the connection between the source and the afterglow. The illusion regains presence and once again, the drifting, the shadows and the illusion of movement defines all existence.

Much like our lives, which are sometimes caressed by God in moments when he looks out at us through the eyes of an infant or touches us as we hold our newborn against our bosom. But then the grey clouds come rushing in and seize our life tearing us farther and farther away from the warmth of that magical moment. Erasing the memory of that instant when we felt something soar in our hearts, something that made us believe that maybe, just maybe there is more to this life that we must discover. Maybe search the reason we came here for.

Every morning the sky unveils the mystery of existence. Every day break God reveals himself, briefly, for just that split second. The watchful and aware bask in his afterglow. The sleeping never discover he ever was or that every morning, day after day he makes himself known.



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