Do we have your permission to convert others to this process too?

Convert is a racist word and we don’t ever use it. You don’t convert, you share from your life what works for you and why. When people resonate with your sense of calmness, when they see that you have truly benefitted not in a material way but as a human, then they will be tempted to try it themselves. But only share, don’t force your views or experience on those that are not ready to receive this information yet. I hope you understand why we are saying this? You need to conserve your energies for your own good. Do your work diligently and that is sufficient. It is good enough, so don’t waste time, energy and your mental resources in converting disbelievers. They are yet to reach a point of understanding that allows them to comprehend and see. They will get there eventually but don’t push them prematurely. Let them reach full term and when they are ready, they will hear from whosoever is assigned with the task of lighting their spiritual fires.


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