Dream Symbols – Snakes

What do snakes mean when they appear in a dream?

They definitely seek attention in my dreams. They never harm me, but usually have saw-like teeth in the dream. There seems to be some kind of conflict between them and me, as if there is a fight for supremacy. I am not frightened, but… it is a strange feeling. Please give me some insights. Thanks

Dear One,

Snakes represent the awakening process symbolic of the unfurling of the kundalini. It appears that awakening is beckoning you but you are shying away, fearful of what that path might entail. Fear of changes involved, compromises required from your earthly perspective and apprehensions about the unknown, untread path ( symbolized by the saw like teeth of the snakes) make you hesitate, ignore or perhaps procrastinate so you choose not to embark on that spiritual journey just yet.

Yet their presence indicates you are ready to awaken. The conflict is the quintessential conflict of Ego Vs. the soul. Whatever you choose to nourish will eventually emerge stronger. If only you could trust deeply enough, spirit will embrace you in its joyful fold and conflict will be a thing of the past. The only thing required is your choice. Are you ready to heed the call of  Spirit (God) dear one?


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