Dysfunctions of The Warring Parent 1

These parents tend to disagree and fight a lot,

sometimes being abusive to each other. This is followed by a period of disengagement where communication breaks down and both don’t speak to each other. This creates a stressful home environment, where the child begins to live in state of uncertainty and fear about what might happen next.

The child starts perceiving the world

as an unsafe place to live in.He grows into an insecure and emotionally disturbed person who struggles to find balance in life and veers towards depressive and fearful tendencies, imagines the worst, becomes cynical and pessimistic and blames the world for all his or her troubles, rarely ever taking on responsibility.

They may become silent,

withdrawn and reclusive or complain persistently but are unable to find strength and direction in life. They often settle for less than they truly deserve. They struggle to build healthy relationships; some may get into wrong activities or allow themselves to be taken advantage of in the hope of finding love and acceptance.

In later years many succumb to addictions

like overeating, alcohol, smoking or getting into a chain of unhealthy relationships in order to escape their inner turmoil.
If your home is beginning to resemble a battleground, stop and think about the impact it is having on your child; seek counselling and help to resolve your differences and make your home a safe zone for your child.


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