Quick Tip 23: Most Powerful Method To Quit Smoking

1. The very first step in quitting

any substance abuse is to choose it. If you are being driven by someone other than yourself to quit, it can be very daunting unless your love for that person is stronger than your dependence on the substance or smoke.

2. Try and recall the very first instance

when you started smoking and what caused you to do it. Was it to overcome fear or inhibitions, was it to belong to the group, was it for a thrill or because you were curious, was it to overcome your shyness or isolation.

3. Once you have identified the original cause

see if your past reasons are still valid. Do you still need the thrill or have you outgrown that need? Examine and recognize if those very situations are still triggering your need to smoke even now. Become aware of your triggers and prepare to battle them.

4. With this awareness every time the craving

arises DO NOT DO ANYTHING, simply remain inactive. The mind will instruct you to reach out and pick up a cigarette or run out to fetch them. DO NOTHING. Simply observe where in your body this sensation is occurring and become familiar with its trajectory, its path. Where exactly does it start and how does it travel. Observe very closely examining and describing the sensations as they occur. Is it a pricking or burning in the gut? It is travelling from the abdomen to the neck? Is it spreading into the lungs? Just observe and DO NOTHING.

5. As you observe it, the craving will begin

to subside. If the craving was at 10 at the outset wait and watch till it reduces to 5, keenly observing it all the time. if you lose focus or allow yourself to become distracted the urge will take you over. Watch it as though you are watching an approaching tiger. With stillness and stealth.

6. Now reach for a sip of water and

imagine it travelling down the path of craving in your body that you have identified, washing away the urge as it travels down. Keep observing the water washing away all craving till it reduces to a 3 or 2. If it helps keep affirming to yourself, the water is washing away the craving.

7. Now sense the residual craving and

drink another sip of water allowing it to transform into water vapor as it reaches your lungs, spraying away all residual craving and deep cleansing the urge and the toxicity in your lungs till the craving is fully gone.

8. Now take one more sip to remove

all remnant toxins and imagine Healing White Light filling your lungs, healing all the cells and fibers there.

9. You have just won your first battle

against substance abuse. Each time you practice this awareness you get one step closer to conquering the habit.

10. Each time to ignore it,

you lose yourself and move back one step from wellness, joy and success.



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