Easy Immunity Against Sore Throats, Coughs & Colds

It’s that time of the year again when the change in weather has many people coughing and sniffing.

If you want to be protected from these discomforts simply have an Amla shot and 3 Tulsi leaves each morning on an empty stomach throughout the winters.

Most of us have the herb (Holy basil) growing in our homes. If not, get a potted plant from your local nursery.

To prepare the Amla (Indian gooseberry) shot, grate it directly into a strainer and squeeze the juice into a glass. Add 10 ml of water and drink the juice straight after chewing the Tulsi leaves. The juice must be freshly squeezed.

You can also boil the Tulsi leaves to make a mild tea and drink frequently throughout the day for effective relief from a sore throat. If you wish you can add some honey also.

Both of these have amazing health benefits and if you have these daily as part of your winter morning routine, you shall develop strong immunity against coughs and colds.



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