Fading Dream

I know not when you died to me

But last night I saw myself

Holding you in my arms

And rocking your skeleton in my dream


I looked into your vacant eyes

As I cried and beseeched

Urging you to remember

To wake up from this brutal dream


Your gaze just froze

Your heart sealed

I couldn’t understand

Why you chose this dream


Like a banshee I wailed

Listen up dear one

See the truth, lift the veil

Please, my love do not shun


But I guess you were too far gone

And could no longer hear or see

Lost to another dream

You lost your grip and abandoned me


Like the twain that never meet

Our paths parted leaving me bittersweet

Often I have wondered now

Was that the illusion?

Or is this the dream.


Sometimes the pain of losing a loved ones care and attention can be debilitating. It can eat into your soul cutting away the joys and wiping away your smiles. If you are suffering from such pain take heart and know that bit by bit it will lose its hold over you. Do not suppress it.Let it rise to the surface for it is coming up to heal itself. It may appear in your dreams or in the tearful burning of your eyes when you relive old memories. This is the time to give yourself a big hug for braving the pain, fix yourself a steaming hot beverage, close your eyes and tell yourself how lovable you are – have always been, and rest in the knowledge that you are being healed. 

Reading the prophecy on Why Some Hurts Never Seem To Heal (under the channeled Messages -Jesus section) may help in lifting your spirits higher and even bring a smile on your face.



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