Faith is Peculiar

Jesus says

When the time to convert comes, many turn away.

It takes courage and commitment to embark on the journey of transformation and most seekers are unwilling to commit themselves to the rigor and discipline without which the journey of awakening cannot be undertaken.

Faith is peculiar. It demands unseen commitment, unspoken truth and unresolved surrender.

Transformation requires faith; a sense of trusting in the outcome of all endeavors without the knowledge of the process. It requires belief that the truth will unfold without knowing what that truth is. It needs your surrender without the resolution of what may occur as a consequence of that act of surrender. Faith needs knowing it is the right thing to do without knowing how or why.

Why, you ask, must one give wind to all thoughts and creations of the mind?

A thousand questions arise in the mind of the seeker waiting to be answered before he can offer his faith. Jesus asks why you must allow your thoughts to run wild like the wind before you can trust.

Why must the truth remain unquestioned? Why must faith be blind?

The mind raises questions such as why can’t I know what truth is. Why can’t I know what I am getting into? Why can’t I see it?

And I say, can you hear the unstruck sound before you get there?

The unstruck sound can only be heard in the highest states of meditation and in the state of oneness with the lord and Jesus asks how one can experience that without being in that state.

Can you see what your eyes naught before it dawns on you?

Unimaginable sights and visions behold the seeker as he immerses himself in the inner world of meditation which cannot be perceived by the physical eyes when they are open to the world of external stimulation. It is only through the minds inner eye that the unseen visions may be seen.

Can you know that which you don’t until you know it?

The One cannot be spoken of or captured in words or expressions. It can only be experienced.

So how can faith be seen, or told or satisfied?

So also faith cannot be based on preconditions. It cannot be born of the queries of your mind. It cannot be satiated or known except through the experience of it.

How can truth be told or explained when it is unknown to you?

Just as truth needs to be experienced before it makes itself known to you similarly faith needs to be experienced to be known.

How can the mind serve to capture that which contains and creates your mind?

The un-manifest Spirit manifests as the soul that experiences the mind. Mind is created by Spirit and hence cannot be known by it.

If you live in a bubble can you know the nature of the bubble? Know how vast or magnificent it is?

No. There is no room in your gaze that can perceive its quality

That can explain what it is or where and how it exists.

And so it is that men of questioning faith fail to accomplish their search.

Men who keep questioning what faith is, why it is required, or attempt to know it through the intellect fail to embark on the true search that can lead them to the experience it.

For they wish to know the unknown through the vehicle of the known.

The apparatus is limiting and cannot answer your quest, nor bring you close to it.

The apparatus of the mind cannot help you to comprehend the unknown.

If you must seek it, you need to rise above, go beyond the limitations of the apparatus.

And the only way to do that is through faith.

And thus arrives the cacophony.

When the seeker strives to know the unknown he arrives at the mental debate that makes him question faith. That makes him want to know what it is and why it is essential to reach the unknown through the practise of faith.

Without faith man cannot reach it, without reason or sight he cannot embrace it; and so he chooses to let both fall by the way side and continues to live the unreasonable life that never fulfils.

Lost in this debate and confusion the seeker loses sight of the real journey and finding that he is unable to resolve this mystery called faith abandons the search itself settling for the material world instead where he can find comfort in knowing and seeing the manifest realities.

Why, I ask, can you not choose the Jewels of His Crown?

Jesus asks why the seeker cannot set his goal or sights upon the rewards that faith can bring to him – endless peace, joy, tranquillity and love.

Why can’t the promise of their splendour awaken the flicker of doubt – that often it may not have served you – but just for once the truth may call through that unrelenting vessel.

Normally the mind is the vessel of thoughts and confusions. But just for once, if it can awaken the doubt that perhaps without knowing what faith is, it can urge the seeker to embrace it with the promise of unseen rewards, than the mind has truly served the soul.

Allow it to form patterns of light and let it cast shadows that you may follow and arrive upon the doorways of your awakening.

Spirit is the Light and soul its shadow. If the seeker embraces the light by allowing his soul to guide him back to the light he will awaken to the truth.

Behind that resplendent gateway that blocks your perception, lies the train of selections that chanced upon carry your breath through winding staircases to the world beyond.

Reference is being made to the pineal gland which in most people lies inactive, but can be activated through meditation and stillness. Once activated it opens up the gateways to journey beyond the higher transpersonal chakras that lead to the knowledge and experience of the divine truth.

Where known meets with the unknown and truth is seen, known and experienced.

It is here that the soul meets the Spirit and experiences the oneness.

It is where you have once been. It is your very home.

This is your original Source, where you came from and to which you must return.


 Prophecy channeled by Suzy Singh


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