Feel The Divine Presence

Through the sacred word of Jesus

I received this beautiful experience of the Source

of HIS presence and HIS WAY


Open your palms and feel my presence

I flow through you

This warmth that spreads into them

Those rivers that rush to awaken you

It is me


From each cardinal point

Emerges a star

Rising, connecting all life forms

And within that circle thus formed

Operates what you call

The Game of Life


Once you trace the circle of life

That flows through each

You can feel it is none but me

That races through each point

Budding as does a flower

And then racing ahead to the next one


All Mandalas (sacred geometry in nature) are traces of my steps

My direction of flow

Inadvertently do I flow through all Life

Causing, forming, creating and then returning

Once again to the beginning as I tire

To rest before I play again


When I pulsate, I am playing

When I am still, all is still

It is me in my many aspects

I am at play with my own self

I am in my own being and non being


I am the start and the end

I am the awakened and the asleep

I am what calls and what takes you afar

I am near and yet so far

I am all and all is in me

I can be reached

If only you listen to me.


Prophecy channeled by Suzy



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