How Can I Find My Dream Job?

I am jobless for 2 years now.

I have completed my engineering in 2011 in computer sciences and want to go in field of software development. I am 23 years old, from Himachal Pradesh and currently residing in Delhi from 1 year. I am trying out of my guts to get a job but not getting my field\’s job. Although getting other jobs but not what i want. Getting depressed..please help

Dear One,

Let us break up your situation into parts so we can then deal with them one at a time. Firstly you are jobless. You do have opportunities that come your way to be employed, but you reject them because they are not to your liking. Interestingly you have recently graduated from engineering college and this is perhaps the first time ever that you are going to be employed. My question to you is, if you can keep a learning attitude won’t any job provide you with the opportunity to learn?

Fortunately you are just beginning

your professional journey and may have so many valuable lessons to learn each day from any work environment that could become the stepping stones to your chosen job opportunity. If only you can see your glass half full (that you do have some job opportunities) and not half empty(that they are not your preferred or chosen ones) you will suddenly realize how fortunate you are.

Besides any reputed company that you may eventually wish to join will value your work experience over just stagnating at home or not using your time fruitfully. My advice to you would be to evaluate the options you currently have on hand and pick the one that provides you the maximum learning opportunity, even if it pays less.

Secondly, know that while on- the- job learning

is of the greatest value, it is equally important to keep learning even after you complete your formal education. Read as much as you can about your chosen field. It will prove invaluable at your interviews. Don’t waste a single day of your life. Learn. Grow. Evolve.

Thirdly you can create a manifestation board.

Sit down today itself and draw up a clear picture of your dream job. The company, kind of work you wish to do, every single detail, including what a typical day in your life would be like in that job of your choice. Create a Job Dream Board where you stick pictures of the company you desire to be employed with and your name and designation on it and any other details you would like to add to it. This is your manifestation board and you need to place it where you can see it every day. Each morning as you wake up look at this board and spend at least 15 minutes imagining in your mind that you have got your confirmation letter to this dream job and you are preparing for your first day at work. As you fall asleep at night do this visualization once again. Repeat this exercise daily without ever letting your fears or doubts interfere with your belief that this will happen. Also repeat the following affirmation several times each day. Make it your mantra

I am truly grateful to be employed in the job of my dreams.

If your commitment is strong

you will arrive at your dream job sooner or later. Time does not matter, what matters is that you keep learning and growing. Then nothing can stop you from getting what you want. If this means you have to take up another job until you get your chosen one, do it. Don’t waste your life sitting at home and brooding. That way you will not put your academic learning to practice and this will further reduce the probability that you will land your dream job. So start today, change your mind and change your life. Nothing can stop you if you are ready to be the master of your own life.



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  1. suzysingh says:

    V mailed back to say the following:

    Dear Suzy

    Thank you very much, you just showed me the new dimension.


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