Finding Your True Guru

Q: Does the seeker choose the Guru

or does the Guru choose the seeker?

Dear S

A: The contract for assisting ones spiritual growth

is agreed between the Guru and the seeker’s souls prior to incarnating on this plane. Sometimes this contract follows across many lifetimes. Both souls know, but may not remember until the time is ripe. This does not imply that there is a pre-determined or appointed time on the seekers timeline, but rather it refers to his readiness to receive instruction and coaching.

As Shakespeare so aptly said,

there is a time in the affairs of men. Similarly, there is a perfect moment in the history of these two beings when their souls resonate at a particular frequency that draws them close to each other and awakens recognition. The Guru knows his shishya (student) has arrived and is now ready for instruction; and the seeker recognizes that this is his Guru because his intuition guides him so.

This is a moment of celebration.

It is the fruition of patient waiting and the occasion to uphold and honor the promise of the highest spiritual essence. It completes both the teacher and the taught, for the Guru cannot evolve further without teaching the seeker and the seeker needs the Guru’s assistance to search his own path. Neither chooses the other for that choice has already been made, they simply honor that choice.

If the Guru remembers his promise

before the appropriate time and approaches the seeker, the seeker is likely to reject him for he has not yet awakened. He doesn’t remember the cosmic promise. The Guru must then wait patiently, knowing that the time is yet to come when the fruit of waiting shall ripen. The seeker must strive, unknowingly though, to balance his karma, intensify his spiritual thirst and practice going within so that he can remove the veils of ignorance and begin to see more clearly.

When the universe conspires to bring these two

souls together, both instantly know it is perfect. This intuition is peaceful. It is not born of earthly desire, it is not tinged with any wants and it does not crave for material fulfillment. It only wants to learn, to grow, to evolve. It is a seeking of the purest form. Yet both must test each other. The Guru must assess the readiness of the seeker and the seeker must ascertain that this is the true Guru.

The test will once again open the portals

of knowing and strengthen the bond. If either has made a mistake, the test will bring the error to the surface soon enough, provided the seeker is beginning to awaken. If not, he may fall into the pit of delusion, emerging from which is a long and arduous journey. If however the recognition is correct, the true Guru will guide the seeker to dispel his inner darkness and enter into the Light, catalyzing his awakening.



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