10. Forgiveness Visualisation

If you seek to be complete in any relationship in which you have been hurt either in the past or recently, the following visualization can help in healing the pain and overcoming the resentment you feel through the power of forgiveness.


1. Close your eyes and imagine the person who hurt you and yourself encased in a bubble of brilliant solar light.

2. Look into the eyes of the other one and tell them how you felt about what happened. Tell them about the hurt, the pain, the anger and everything else that you felt. Tell them in what ways you felt wronged or betrayed.

3. After you have said all that you could never say before, wait to see if they have anything to say back to you.

4. Hear them out and let them know that you understand how it occurred for them and that you are ready to give it up and be in the healing energy of forgiveness.

5. Tell them that you forgive them for whatever hurt they may have caused you and that you seek forgiveness for whatever pain you may have knowingly or unknowingly caused them.

6. Wait once again to see if they have anything to say to you and if so hear them out patiently.

7. Simultaneously send out a beam of strong love energy from your heart to theirs and keep on beaming it until you feel it has penetrated their heart.

8. Reach forward and embrace them in a forgiveness hug and feel the barriers of hate and hurt breaking down between you two and dissolving.

9. Now, if you wish to continue being in touch with this person, see the two of you together in a white bubble of light floating up towards the sky.

10. If you wish to go your own ways after having completed, see yourselves in individual bubbles of light rising towards the sky joyfully like two helium balloons.




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