Give Life a Chance at Happiness

Often when life puts you through its trials

and tribulations your spirit can become so run down and weary that you begin to believe there is nothing more to your life other than pain, hurt, misery and difficulties. You go through life as a series of robotic movements from morning to night. Life becomes mechanical, a constant battle between things you dread doing but must do and fulfilling responsibilities that hardly fulfil you.

Each day you put on brave armor and step out

into the world thinking that if you make that next sale or excel at the next presentation you will feel better, but you don’t. The harder you try to win at life the more tired your soul gets. You lose touch with your own self not remembering when you last laughed with pure joy or felt happy to be alive.

You keep denying yourself the gifts of your soul

and push yourself harder hoping to find happiness in the world out there. So you continue chasing and accumulating accomplishments and yet you don’t feel alive.

On the other extreme are those who don’t anything

and become complacent in their much too ordinary and meaningless life because they prefer the familiar and avoid change. It’s easier to curse and complain and resent their miserable existence but much too daunting to get in there and change the status quo.

They lose sight of the possibility that life

can be better, only if they will chose it. Instead they choose to remain prisoners of their unsatisfactory lives, trapped in helplessness and hopelessness.

If this sounds anything like your life,

I wish to remind you that happiness and joy are your birthrights. You were born to be happy. Sure it does involve hard work and you will have to face the challenges your soul designed as lessons in growth so that you can evolve and become more perfect, but the rewards of doing the inner work are worth every bit of that trouble.

If somewhere along the way you forgot

about your soul because you became so immersed in the complexities and illusions of life, know that the only way out, is in here. If you would choose to look within yourself, understand yourself, understand the choices you are making, and the consequences of not healing, you could awaken to unlimited new possibilities. If you were to examine your lives and take the responsibility of doing the only real work- that of the soul, you could find remarkable rewards like freedom, peace and joy.

One brave soul made that choice after several years

of struggling with life. Here’s what she has to say. You too can Reclaim Joy. Remember it’s your birth right.


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