9. Healing Heartbreak Prayer

If you are hurting deep within, if you feel your eyes burn or sting, if your heart aches because someone dear has been insensitive or harsh with you, or if an old pain is rising up again asking you to heal it, say this prayer three times and feel the pain easing away.

Say this prayer as frequently as you need until the smile adorns your face easily and you feel peaceful and calm once again


Oh my Lord, I pray to thee

Bring peace upon my churning

Still the storm in my heart

Soothe my pain, pluck the thorn

Heal the wound still so raw

Until it shall not gnaw


Let each and every cell in me

Know that you will rescue me

That no matter what may come along

Your arms shall hold me steadily


Your love shall wash the pain away

Your peace shall come upon my heart

And by the time I end this prayer

I hope your calm descends on me

And I no longer feel torn apart


I thank you Lord for healing me

For quietening my mind

And helping me see

That your light has left my darkness behind

And I am now free of all negativity



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