How many sessions will be required to heal my condition?

Even if I knew how much pain and hurt you carried in your subconscious I would not be able to tell how long you might need to heal yourself

It is impossible to predict exactly how many sessions each case needs to resolve a problem because it cannot be exactly ascertained as to what might lie in the deep inner recesses of the subconscious mind. Besides, some people go into trance more easily and quickly than others and  this has a bearing on how fast or slow the process of memory access is.

Hypnosis relies not just on the therapist but equally on the subjects ability to explore his inner being and hence both partners need to work together to produce results.

Typically I find two broad categories of cases. One is the shorter kind that usually finds relief from their presenting issues in about two to three sessions. Some of them choose to come back to explore other issues once they have experienced the powerful healing benefits of Restorative Hypnotherapy.

Then there are the long cases involving epilepsy, addictions, childhood traumas etc which might need continuous support for longer durations and therapeutic interventions in these cases may go on for much longer.


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