How to Listen When People Share

The key to building strong relationships with people

is providing them with a safe and open environment in which to share their deeper feelings without the fear of being judged, criticized or having their feelings invalidated.

So often when people talk, we are so preoccupied

with ourselves or what we are doing, our opinions and views, that we forget that it’s not about us or what we think or feel, but rather about what the other is feeling that is really important.

By giving them our wholesome attention

and listening, we tune into their unspoken communication and reward the trust they invest in us through their sharing. We make them feel understood. We make them feel good about choosing us to share their concerns and cares with.We make them feel important enough for us to stop doing whatever we are and make time and room for them.

Communication occurs at various levels that go beyond

the spoken words. In fact, it is the unspoken communication that speaks louder and says a lot more than words do. The body posture, the expression in the eyes, the tone of voice and an expanded or collapsed energy field all speak volumes about what the person is really feeling. Reading these signals and responding appropriately is what makes the other person feel really understood.

Done right, listening alone can be deeply healing.

When we listen this way, we let people know that they are an important part of the universe. They sense that they belong to a greater whole and are reassured that they can always reach out and be understood; that they are not alone.

They walk away feeling that someone truly cares

about their joys and lows. They feel acknowledged and supported amidst the chaos of life. This makes them feel better about themselves. It helps them strengthen their belief in their capabilities and choices.

So the next time someone invests their trust in you

by sharing from their heart, give them the gift of wholesome listening. Heal their wounds, soothe their energy, and celebrate their joys by participating in the dance of their energy and their unspoken communication.

Send them away feeling blessed

for having you in their lives. Make them feel that they are an important part of the divine plan.




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