I guess we want to get there too.

We know that. And this is why so many of you around the globe have turned inwards to your true calling. And we are so optimistic. If you can keep up the efforts and accelerate them by involving and engagingotherstojoinin, this shift will certainly be your reality and only you would have made it possible by simply being true to your purpose. There are enough of you presently who have incarnated only with this purpose and you are awakening. You are beginning to remember it and you have a vague idea that you have to participate. And those that do must in turn awaken others around then and soon this whole awakening will reach an exponential scale and then it will happen. So facilitate others. Do not waste anymore time. Those of you who on reading these words find them resonating in your hearts, know that it is to you individually that we are trying to reach out to. It is you we want to call, to join in this effort. This is your sign. Answer your calling and do what you truly came here to do.


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