Help Me Improve My Personality and Potential?

I’m a happy person with a nice family & sweet sons. But I need improvement in two areas, one is my career and other is improving my personality and using my potential effectively. There are few traits about me that i want to change such as;

1. I lose my cool and get irritated fast.
2. I become self conscious in public
3. Sometimes I have self doubts

Please guide me.

A: Dear R

1.  When you don’t do the things

that give you pleasure, and spend all your time doing only what others want you to do, it takes away all the joy from life and you tend to become easily irritated and angry.

It is very important for you to identify what it is that gives you pleasure. What are you happiest doing? If nothing comes to mind, think of what you liked doing in your childhood. It could be the simplest of things like painting, singing, classical dancing, writing, trying new recipes, knitting, sewing, gardening; the list is endless.

Find something you enjoy doing, prioritize it, create time for it and you will find yourself becoming less irritable because when you engage in passionate activities your energy is renewed and you are filled with positivity  and enthusiasm.

Each person needs to draw inspiration from his inner core. Each one has a special gift. You too are blessed with a special gift. Know that there is a unique talent in you too although you may not have discovered it just yet or you may not have invested enough time and energy in developing it. Find out what that is and make time for it each day. Know that you are important and you must do what gives you joy.

2. Doing what you know best will give you an identity,

a special feeling, a confidence in your own self. Doing, being and feeling are deeply interrelated. Start doing what you are good at and you will start feeling more confident. When people begin to notice your talent and complement you for it, your confidence will grow further. Make a list of all the things that you believe will boost your confidence. Do you need to dress more smartly? Do you need a better command on your language or spoken skills? Do you need to be better informed about everyday happenings or the news? A simple way to make up this list is to think about the things that you admire in others and then act upon those insights and do whatever it takes to improve in those areas.

3. List down all your self doubts and

examine if these are factual or mere conjecture.  Once your confidence grows some of these doubts will vanish spontaneously. To address the  others seek the support of a trusted relative or friend and take their feedback. Sometimes the way we look at ourselves and the way the world views us can be completely different. You might just discover that others find you quite pleasing and that you are obsessing over nothing. If however you do get some honest feedback about improvements that are required, search  online forums and personality building websites on the internet for useful suggestions and self help tips and work with those ideas.

4. To overcome karmic blocks,

recite the Karma prayer daily. This is listed under the self help Quick Tips on the site. This powerful prayer can help you overcome any obstacles that you may be dealing with presently.



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