Inner Healing Intensive – For the Advanced Seeker

If you have already  been on your spiritual journey

and wish to accelerate your growth by gaining deep insights and personal learning tools that can help you acquire mastery over your life, then this course is perfectly suited for you.

By undergoing this 20 week long online, inner work intensive, coupled with the option of four, one hour long, free personal consultation sessions that you can avail either through Skype, phone, or even face to face at my Clinic in Delhi you will receive the following life changing benefits.

1. Acquire a deeper understanding about your life script and imprinted behavioral patterns

2. Identify limiting programs and beliefs that cause you to feel inadequate & limit you in some way

3. Re-solve these limiting patterns that prevent you from manifesting your highest potential & being happy

4. Reinterpret and Renovate Negative Belief Systems

5. Dissolve Karmic Baggage

7. Practice and learn path breaking technologies that allow you to be more peaceful and centered in adverse circumstances

8. Become more skillful at being the master of your life

Program Details

a. This is a 20 week intensive training program offered online. It gives you access to 4 personal consultation sessions of one hour each or up to a maximum of four hours, which you can request for absolutely FREE to deepen the understanding of the intensive or address issues that arise. Included are 20 inquiry and training chapters. Each week I mail out one chapter of the intensive that requires deep introspection and examination of your life.

b. Some chapters offer guided meditation exercises and visualization techniques along with assisted time regressions also. There are advanced technologies of evolutionary awareness that are taught in this program to magnify your awareness and assist your transformation.

c. At the end of each week, your explorations of the chapter need to be mailed back to me for review and guidance so that you can dig deeper to resolve the issues that arise. When required, you can avail your free consultation sessions also. This process continues for 20 weeks.

d. Your free sessions (Phone, Face to Face or Skype) help in integrating your inquiry, assimilating the learning’s and insights that open up, changing beliefs or healing ancestral or causal wounds that may arise during the intensive.

e. This is a rigorous process and can open up a lot of mysteries about your life and completely change your understanding about yourself.

Program Fees

There is a one time program fee of Rs. 30,000/- to be paid in advance prior to the commencement of the program. This includes the four free consultation sessions which alone carry a value of Rs. 10,000/-

For  as little as Rs. 1,500/- per module, you can now unravel important aspects of your subconscious mind and re-engineer it to become the Master of your life, learning & discovering methods and techniques that will allow you to face your challenges with greater clarity and enhanced confidence.

To enroll now or know more call me at +91 9810246158

Many people have experienced deep transformations during this intensive that has helped them find new directions in their careers, resolutions in their relationships and deeper meaning in their life and purpose. If you are seeking answers, this journey will help you find them.



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