Is God Infirm?

Jesus says

Know that the umbilical cord you share with the Lord is so strong that no matter how deep to the darkness you may be lost, he will pull you back. He will rescue you. It may take time, for unlike the other one (here allegoric reference is being made to the Dark one) He will not do it against your will and shall wait patiently by your side nudging, supporting and protecting you until such time that you are willing to choose to go along and grant him the permission to rescue you.

You have been asked and questioned many a time whether God is infirm (I have often been asked this question and it came up recently too). Why he cannot make right all that is wrong. Why he can’t fix the injustices, the crimes, the cruelty that you all hear and read about.

And the answer to that dear one is that the Lord is just, patient and compassionate. He lets each do according to his own free will. Never judging, never relenting, never forsaking. Through all times good and bad he keeps a watch and loves you undivided. He cares not that you are a sinner or a saint. He loves both with equal pace. In his eyes he knows no wrong. There are simply some errant children who given time will heal and return to the path.

When the evening of this cosmic game comes on, he knows without a doubt, each and everyone will return home to him. His love is fair and untainted. He chooses not one over the other. It’s you who choose to keep him close or far apart. Those closer feel the caress of his love and shower in his endless bliss. The others simply partake of his gifts, not even knowing or acknowledging that it was him who gave those unto them.

So understand this, in his eyes all are equal, all are one. Tender reflections of his divine essence is what each one of you are. Be not harsh upon yourselves. Judge not one another. Rest in the knowledge that within each, he dwells. And at the exact moment of reckoning, he shall resurrect in the hearts of all. This then must be known and affirmed each day. The lord dwells in me and shall show himself when I choose it.


Prophecy chanelled through Suzy



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