Is Your Home Environment Dysfunctional?

I have been getting so many cases of disturbed children,

rebellious teenagers and angry young adults over the last few months . For the sake of the larger audience I have decided to write a short series that can help you understand why our children may be behaving this way. One of the key contributing factors responsible for their less than ideal behavior is a dysfunctional home environment caused by various parenting styles.

I will write about each parenting style

which includes the Warring parent, Military parent, Absent parent, Phantom parent, Critical parent, Overprotective parent, Judgmental parent and Partial parent. These may help you to identify if you are unwittingly contributing towards a less than ideal environment at home. Almost every parent tries be be the best they can be, yet sometimes our own limiting belief systems and mental traps can make us behave in ways that prevent our children from safely expressing their own truths. Do your children feel encouraged to learn new things, are they comfortable making mistakes, do they have the freedom to walk the road less traveled without disapproval or criticism, do they feel safe sharing their secrets and inner desires without feeling judged? These are some of the questions that we as parents must ask ourselves to evaluate whether the environment we are providing our children is truly nurturing.

 I will not refer to the typically dysfunctional situations

in this series that are more obvious but rather, the more elusive and subtle ones such as prevalent in well meaning and so called perfect  families where the milder forms of dysfunctions are usually overlooked or passed off as normal. Most of the impacts mentioned in each case do not usually make themselves visible until much later in life when the damage is already done and the best we can do is to be aware and honestly look within ourselves to minimize these dysfunctions where present, with the aim of growth and evolving personally. Also do keep in mind that each child is unique and hence he or she could react in many different ways, but I have chosen to simply point in some general direction of how they might become affected.

Read on and if anything inspires you, makes you think

or even if it makes you a little uncomfortable, know that there is room for improvement. Let us all look inwards to see how our children can come home to a safe and nurturing environment where they can deal with their internal battles feeling less threatened and more supported. 

For the sake of convenience each dysfunctional parenting style has been addressed individually. Click on the right hand menu to read each in the series or any one in particular.

This series does not in any way intend to judge,

label or criticize anyone but to help each one introspect about how their well meaning behaviors might just be limiting their child’s potential in some way.


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