Journey to Awakening

Jesus says

Awakening encompasses in its fold,

treacherous turns and deeds untold. The path lies strewn with pebbled distaste. Not everyone can stomach what comes their way. Surrender is so often confused, with running away. But to stand the ground and watch the slaughter of thine hound (reference to slaying of inner demons), it takes courage and passion too. A desire so deep for the Lord, it surpasses the anguish of that path.

So many turn away, their eyes they shut,

not wanting to see the ghouls (evil spirits) and the tyranny they must encounter before they reach the placid shores upon that beach, where calm waters can renew their tired bones and in the quiet that follows, a light within them glows, bringing upon them tranquility never before seen or known.

And henceforth begins the walk towards the Lord,

the point at which secrets unravel about their lot – the whole plan, the compass, the plot of their life, their strife and the journey beyond. In the shade of the Lord they walk unencumbered to fulfill their plot.

Nothing draws them back nor pain washes over,

they become free of the troubled waters of their seas. Merge they do with the flow divine. Nothing keeps or holds them back, all vices are now blind. Only love shines through with glistening glory. Upon the peaks like snow shining through the morning sun as it reflects upon its own story.

So walk my child, tired though you may be.

The shores aren’t far just another furlong maybe. Let not your weary heart bear upon your feet. Keep walking towards those shores, the waters rise to meet you now and wash upon your aching bones, removing all that keeps you down. It’s there – can’t you see – close enough for you to feel.

Feel the change in your heart, the pain fades you are no longer apart.

Rejoice now for your post is close. Enough now! (Referring to the human suffering) I see it too; your love for me has been so true. So lament not – your trial is over. You’ve come through where many dare not hover. Keep moving just as you are. Rest is close upon the hour. Deep blissful sleep awaits you. Keep on my brave soldier – don’t stop now.


Prophecy channeled through Suzy


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