Life Positive March 1999

Channeling – CHANNEL BE


by Swami Anand Sidhartha

Entities from various dimensions channeled the following message for mankind through light worker Suzy Singh

channel1A few weeks prior to a powerful vision, I had a mystical encounter with an enlightened spiritual couple from the USA. It was Deva, their male aspect, who first asked me to bring together the power of female energies in a group to support the collective consciousness. At that time, I wasn’t certain if I was ready for the task. I quietly brushed the request into my deeper subconscious. However, the universe sent me a stronger reminder in the form of a vision one night. This time, I was told. When I woke up the next morning, I recognized the synchronicity of events and prepared to act upon my instructions.

The messages we received left us overwhelmed, given the immense responsibility they imply and the effort it requires to change old patterns. On another level, it was cause for celebration for we are finally to take ownership of the Godhood within us. We have entered into a new energy level and we will need to rely on our intuition and creative energies to find out what works at this level.

To begin with, we can expect our process of prayer to change. Until now, we have always asked God to grant our wishes. This worked in the old energy when human consciousness was in its vibrational infancy. Just as a parent will help a child when it is too young, but will subsequently withdraw support to empower him to be independent, the indications are that the universe believes we are now ready to fend for ourselves. We will need to find our own answers.

This does not imply that God is no longer there to help us. But we need to recognize our own potential. When we go to a temple, instead of unloading our worries or bowing to an external God, we need to use that opportunity to connect with our higher self and pay our respect by surrendering our lower ego and will to it. It’s the concept of dynamic prayer that is appropriate now. We need to be in dialogue with our masters, seeking their guidance through a gentle unfolding of the answers. It’s almost as though all the answers are contained within us, ready to come forth to all those who are willing to exercise this choice.

Personal will and independent choice are valuable tools for manifestation in the new energy. Instead of abdicating your power to the feeling of helplessness, co-create with the Divine. Generate answers from the depth of your untouched consciousness. Prayer in new energy must include accessing the mindless state where the lotus of creativity flowers.

Those who communicate with their guides or celestial masters will also experience a distinct shift. Although more people will connect with their essence and draw from their guidance, it will be less instructive. The importance of free will and choice has never been so sacred, as it is now. Our guides will no longer provide active suggestion of what we should do. Some people may suddenly find their guides missing or experience that they don’t receive any response on invoking them. Those who are more sensitive will know that the guides are merely allowing us to take greater responsibility. Their silence will initially be most uncomfortable. Even more disconcerting will be the responsibility this is likely to impose on us. We are now to navigate our own evolution.

We must learn to perceive subtler indications from the universe. Synchronicity, dreams, and lapses into inspired creativity should be watched more closely, as they will carry important clues. From these, we will generate the new database that will facilitate our choices. Not only will these keep us in our purpose, but will also give us the opportunity for completing our karmic tasks and fulfilling our remnant desires simultaneously. There is no doubt that our guides will be watching over us with great love. In fact, they are currently celebrating the entry of humanity into adulthood. From now on, we are to work from our own God-center.

CHANNEL BE Interestingly, the gap between intent and manifestation is also becoming shorter. All thoughts that cross our minds are like seeds sown into the soil of the universe. Sooner or later they sprout into saplings, announcing their entry into the manifest world. Somehow, these saplings, which earlier took a fairly long time and repeated nurturing, are now sprouting even as the thoughts cross our minds. We need to watch our thoughts carefully, because our potential to realize them is higher than we ever imagined. We must constantly be in the awareness of what we think, so that we can minimize our negative thoughts, and finally arrive at such an enhanced state of awareness that we eliminate them entirely. Our sense of concern for all people needs to be modified from negative anxiety, such as “I hope he hasn’t met with an accident” to “he is safe and protected”. Each time a negative concern rises, we must say “cancel, cancel, cancel three times out loud, so that the instructions to cancel the intent is sent out into the universe.

Yet another shift that is being distinctly felt is our entry into the ‘now’ time. Planning events much in advance doesn’t really work as it used to earlier. We have to learn to trust the universe more deeply, implying a new way of functioning. Until now, we needed all the information and resources ahead of time, in order to feel in control. All that will have to change. We will be provided with all that is essential, but it will come to us much closer to the actual event. This is where our negative mind will be given opportunity for retraining. The closer we get to a planned event without receiving all that we have intended, the harder will be our ability to keep the faith behind the positive intent. If we succumb to the temptation of the negative mind, not only do we end up delaying the manifestation of the outcome, we also create the possibility of manifesting the negative outcome, depending on the intensity.

We alone are creating all the possibilities. Hence learn the art of living spontaneously for it shall be more useful in the ‘now’ time, than the earlier recommended concept of methodical planning. A trust in the higher self and patience for arriving at the perfect time of fruition will be the most sought-after New Age attributes.

A lot will not be as it was before. And changes will continue to occur as our species prepares to graduate to the next level of evolution. Instead of learning the unknown from the known, we have to take the plunge into the great void where we learn about the unknown from the unknown depths of our being.

The three golden principles for living are awareness, inquiry and creativity. Be in the awareness persistently, so that you can observe the undisciplined mind, and be tuned to the changing patterns of our existence. Secondly, inquire constantly why you are attracting the experiences that you are, and modify what needs changing. Finally, be creative. Old solutions don’t work for us anymore. We need to invent new rules for the game. How good we get at the practice will dictate where we stand in the queue when the time comes for ascension.

Illustrations and drawings also by Suzy Singh

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