Should I Invest In My Healing?

A gentleman working with a reputed technology company

recently wrote in to me seeking urgent assistance to help him resolve the grave dilemma he was in. He said that he was in a state of having everything but apparently nothing and his only constraint was that he had no time. Asked to elaborate on his situation he said it was too involved and that it would require a face to face meeting. Given his need I suggested he fix a one hour consultation to which he replied that he was short of money also.

I wondered how I could help someone who did not think it prudent

or worthy to invest time and money in improving the quality of his life. Clearly his spirit was calling his attention by making him feel restless about his current situation, nudging and pulling at him gently to do something about it. His life had clearly gone into auto mode but his freewill was preventing him from investing any effort into embracing his inner journey. This was the classic dance between the Ego and the Self but alas his self was losing out.

So often we intuitively know that we desperately need to change

something about our lives but are not willing to invest the time or the money required to make it happen. Unfortunately this implies that to start with we do not think our self worthy enough and further that we put little or no premium on a negativity free and peaceful life. As a result we continue with the same self perpetuating patterns and behaviors that make us disown responsibility for the state of our life and eventually end up losing touch with our inner self.

This disconnect leads to a feeling of social numbness

like being lost to the sea of life around us where we are jostled about on the rough waves- helpless, alone and fearful. Life begins to feel empty and meaningless. The harder we try to fill this emptiness with recreation, stimulants, retail therapy or sex, the deeper we seem to sink into the abyss of despondency.

There is no remedy for feeling disjointed except

by bringing together all the parts that have been disowned into one complete whole. Doing that takes a determined will, daily time out to nurture our soul and money to seek therapeutic help where required. No instant nirvana is possible, nor can anyone or anything magically lift us out of the well of just existing and transport us into the realm of living where every cell throbs to the beat of life joyfully through inspiration.

If we wish to lead a meaningful and joyful life

we must put ourselves first. This is one time its alright to be selfish so that we can nurture our true Self. For only when we are awakened to our inner joy will we move mountains and make all impossibilities possible.

I do pray that this gentleman wakes up to the fact that he is the most important person in the fabric of his life and chooses to invest in himself. As I meditated upon his situation I received the following message; He symbolizes the living dead, being disconnected deeply enough to disown his own being. I do hope he will embrace the responsibility for his personal growth and evolution and heed the call of Spirit.



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