My Healing Ethos

Just as no two snowflakes are alike, it is my belief that every person is a unique kaleidoscope of thoughts and emotions. In deference to this individuality, the technique employed in my healing work is a unique approach called holographic healing. Using this method allows me to attune myself to your specific energies, and design methods that are best suited to you.

I use a composition of various healing tools such as Hypnotherapy, Regression, Reiki, chakra balancing, pendulum dowsing, cognitive therapy, psychotherapy, crystal therapy, journal writing, art therapy, dream work, spiritual counselling and affirmative therapy. This ensures that you are able to experience a deeper and lasting transformation without the use of medication or other invasive processes.

It is also my endeavour to support this process of transformation by helping you learn and adopt some of the life altering practices such as the art of meditation, self hypnosis, understanding the language of your dreams and Reiki healing, should you wish to empower yourselves and incorporate these methods into your life.

I have also included a section on self help on this site where I will be sharing simple tools and techniques alongwith introspections and articles to help you start on a journey of self discovery.

If you wish to receive guidance from the universe about the cosmic influences affecting your situations, doing an I Ching reading can help. It enables you to receive deep insights about  these cosmic forces and it equips you to face your situation effectively, while simultaneously helping you gain a perspective of what  it is that you can learn from that experience and also emerge from it richer at the soul level.

Also included on this site are channelled messages from the Masters to help those who are curious to find answers to  deeper spiritual questions and the 2012 earth shifts give a practical and hardhitting approach to enable each one of you to assist in the process of personal and planetary evolution.

It is my belief that all healing brings you closer to the light, and makes you want to have a more satisfying and content life. I am indeed privileged to share the instructions and guidance received from my divine masters and feel blessed to be part of the lightworkers team in this universe, all of who are helping and participating in creating a better world.

If the information on this web site is able to awaken in you the desire to heal yourself and live a better life, I have then served my purpose in presenting this sacred gift to you.

What really matters is not what you have, but what you have overcome


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