My Holy Trinity

The Lord says that each one of us has three ascended masters who guide our spiritual awakening through our incarnate existence. The first manifests when we have deeply and firmly committed ourselves to the divine path.

The second master presents himself when the serious inner work is commenced and sufficient progress has been made by establishing a strong discipline of spiritual practice.

And the third master manifests when having cleansed our vessel and made it use worthy for divine service, when we are close to completing our inner work, and are willing to fully and completely surrender ourselves into the service of the Lord so that he may help others through our vessel.


You tilled the soil of my earth

And sowed the seed of wisdom, O Nanak

Your blessed words upon my ears

Echoed through my barren soul

Sprouting leaves of contemplation

Beginning the process of my growth


You made me look for you

In places odd

In congregations, cults and synagogues

You filled my mind with questions unasked

And sparked my yearning to unmask

The secrets of this universe


Through pages now worn by age

I searched for you in vain

In holy places of worship too

I looked for you anew

Strangely though each time I prayed

In simple words

You seemed to be there


I know not when you opened that door

And let me in through the floor*

In your arms you held me close

Up until I reached the next door

There I found the keys to love**

At Sai’s feet the temple bells rung

Each day he worked to help me see

All within that limited me


With hands full of clay he remoulded me

Fortifying my being

And opening up my seeing

Of things not comprehended up until then

Suddenly it all began to make sense

For new vistas had been opened within

Through the language of love

He helped me overcome my whims


Sai opened the flood gates of divine love

And touched my life in ways unthought-of

Through that fire of intense yearning

He taught me to burn away all my rot


Love I had never known

Flowed through my life

In each breath

Transforming and purifying

Every experience I have encountered since

Is a divine melody

And I no longer wince

All lessons now I gracefully accept

Though at his feet I have often wept


Sai my alchemist he turned dust to gold

To that divine lord my soul I have now sold

And in the moment when that happened

An unceasing miracle began to unfold

The gateways of light*** opened

And I saw Jesus standing there

He smiled almost as though he expected me

To arrive upon that hour and see

That the kingdom of heaven was mine to have

It always was

Though unknown to me


Joyful and tired I handed me over to him

Lord I’m yours now, I said

Charter my waters, make me swim

Until the very end

I shall be yours

To go where you send

To change and to mend

At last this journey is no longer mine

It belongs to the Lord and will through all time.


The Wisdom of Nanak, the Love of Sai and the Light of Jesus are my Holy Trinity.


*The cosmic wisdom which grounds the spiritual practise is seated in the Root Chakra, the spinning wheels of consciousness in our subtle bodies through which we exchange the life force current with the universe, breathing it in and out through these chakras. The first step in our spiritual awakening occurs when this chakra opens and this is facilitated by the first master. Hence the reference to the door at the floor, for the root chakra is located at the base of the spine

**The second gateway of cosmic consciousness is the Heart Chakra located in the center of the chest. This center is activated once the second master manifests and through his guidance and assistance the inner cleansing is commenced.

***The third and most difficult gateway to enter is the Third Eye Chakra of Christ Consciousness which is activated once the third master appears. He presents himself only once the aspirant has surrendered his vessel to the Lord so that the larger work of the divine service to humanity at large can be facilitated through his direction.




  1. therose68 says:

    That was truly wonderful and heart warming. a journey everyone must seek.

  2. Dana says:

    Beutiful… as always… <3

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