Journey of Life

Each one of us has incarnated

on this planet to learn lessons that the Earth School can teach us. Lessons that teach us how to be non-judgmental, to love others, to be compassionate, to practice patience, to be forgiving, to be in acceptance, to learn surrender and so on.

However, most of us believe

we are here only to earn a livelihood, to succeed, become rich and lead a comfortable life.  Few of us ever worry about anything beyond satisfying these material needs. And so, we strive relentlessly to fill our lives with more of everything. More money… more clothes… more travel… more possessions… more jewellery… more property… and more net worth.

Each day becomes a race

against time. We take on more and more work thinking that it will fetch us more money and more happiness. But as our work load increases so do our stresses. Our stresses start affecting our peace of mind and we become easily angry and irritable. This strains our relationships and our relationships begin to break down. Soon we discover that all these tensions have taken a toll on our health and we develop diseases and fall sick. Each day as our expectations from life increase, our frustrations grow in direct proportions.

And as time passes we feel

exhausted and drained, even broken in mind and spirit. Some people become so disillusioned they even contemplate death for it begins to look easier than living such a hard and thankless life. And you begin to wonder if there is any way out of this maze called life.

Yes, there is indeed a way out.

But for that you need to up the game. You need to be willing to partake of the true game of life. A game that starts with inquiring about your life and and then takes you on a journey of self discovery into your very core. A journey that will undoubtedly lead you to that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. A journey that you will wish you had embarked upon earlier.

 I urge you to choose that journey today.

One that meanders through the by-lanes of  your aching heart and tired mind, a journey that helps you unravel and heal your deeper wounds from this life, and the many others that you have lived before. A journey that eventually leads you to wellness, peace, inspiration, happiness and joy.

Are you ready to undertake that journey now?


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