Nirbhaya’s Sacrifice

Amidst the din and madness

Of protests and lathi charges

I sit in silent contemplation

Seeking to unravel

The greater purpose

Behind Nirbhaya’s plunder


Was there a deeper soul purpose

To her boarding a barren bus

And offering her human sacrifice?

Did her soul choose to suffer

The gravest insanity

In order to awaken

A slumbering humanity?


This outrage that pours into the streets

Is it a calling from each soul?

To fight the darkness

To awaken;

To ascend;

To transition;

Into a new era of consciousness?

Where love wins over fear

And compassion and oneness

Guide our minds?


Will punishing the criminals kill the crime?

Will lighting candles overcome the darkness within?


Each one must allow Nirbhaya’s sacrifice

To touch and transform their lives

Each one must choose

Their own inner light

And forsake their darkness

Each one must remember

All forgotten sacrifices

And take personal responsibility


Delhi, your parched land

Is burning with the pyres of unsung, forgotten heroes

Who have been raped, shot, murdered and plundered

Earth heaves under your karmic weight

Wake up! You sleeping sons and daughters of power

Lead us no more into darkness

Rule us not through fear and indifference

Let the waters of the holy Ganges

Purify your hearts, minds and souls

Enough to allow compassion, love and concern

Into your hearts

So you may feel driven to restore

Justice, peace and order.




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