Offerings To Sai

Baba Says…

Give me not these offerings of wealth

For I have no greed,

Only hunger

For your love.



Bring me not your empty words

For they don’t reach me,

Through the void

Where only outpourings of your heart can travel.


Shower not your lavish gifts

For I have no need for them,

They only satisfy

Your hunger.


Place not these crowns on my head

But your troubles at my feet,

So I may transmute them

And reduce your burdens.


Bring me the beating of your heart

Bathe me in the purity of your tears,

Dress me in the fragrance of your longing

Offer me the gift of your remembrance,

Call to me as your breath flows

Sit beside me in your joys and sorrows.


Bring me not your riches

But the pain in your soul,

Deep embedded sorrows;

For in them I see

The honest treasures of your heart,

In them I feel you belong.


Bring to me the outpourings of your heart

And know that I stand beside,

Hoping you will cast a look or call

And let me dry your tears

Or lend a helping hand.


I wonder why instead

You choose to bring me lavish gifts,

When all I ever want

Is to help your soul to uplift.


Dedicated to all Sai devotees the world over


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