Chapter 4: Overcoming fears

IMG_0562Where would you like us to start today? With your fears?

 That would be extremely useful.

At the beginning you were all connected to us. Each one of you had a unique connection that you could tap into instantaneously. It was almost spontaneous. Then slowly the decay began and through the passage of time you have today reached a state where you have become so dense, accumulated so much baggage, that you have willingly forsaken that connection with us.

Know that where there is no love, only fear abounds.

Now you may wonder what love has to do with your fear; fears of losing your wealth or your children being safe. And we say if you had the magnanimity to share your wealth would you be as worried? If you could extend the love that you feel for your children to other people, would there be people waiting to grab whatever they can get through wrong means such as kidnapping your children for ransom?

If only each one of you tried to exist in a state of love the evils of society would not have taken birth. But for some strange reason you don’t want to take responsibility. You want to distance yourself from this subject because you feel that this is not your business, not your job. Let the government take care of it. And the governments are so busy protecting their interests that they feel- let the citizens take responsibility for their civic rights.

 And so each one simply expects the other to sort out this mess and the mess just gets messier and here you are today. Miserable as miserable can be. Without any care or desire to even want to look into the direction of responsibility.

And what are all of you expecting? That some avatar will descend upon your earth to clean up this mess?

 No that’s not how the universe works. The avatar awakens within each of you. He descends into your consciousness. So you receive the help and the inspiration and the guidance from all the Masters.

But the physical effort of cleaning up your thoughts, attitudes and feelings has to be done by you. We cannot do it for you. It’s your consciousness that needs transforming. You don’t need others to undertake a massive celestial cleaning drive. For your own good we ask you; don’t think like that. Because if you do, you might just like to stop and think for a moment what it is that you are really asking for. A MASSIVE CLESTIAL CLEANING DRIVE. Do you know what that means?

Do you want an apocalypse?

 Or a cataclysm that cleans out all of humanity as projected in your movies. Do you want the wrath of nature to take over and destroy all life because you don’t care enough to protect your own interests?

How naive can you be? Look deeply enough. This is your journey. The journey of each soul, each human present on earth today who collectively forms the one consciousness which we call the humanity consciousness. You must join hands and vision, to overcome this darkness that you all have created.

So vast is this darkness that if darkness were water, you’d be plunged into its very depths and Noah’s ark would have no place to sail to. So stop and think. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? When are you going to stop merry making and fornicating and gossiping and indulging to allow this one question to squeeze into your overly busy minds and lives? What am I doing? Is this why I came into this life? What is my purpose here? Can I make a difference? Can I offer my services to prevent this end of the world phenomena?

Create that space, that gap, that split second silence for our light to shine through. And we promise, if you let us in, we will surely help. We will do all we can to make this transition easier. We will help you plan and prepare for what lies ahead. But first you must be willing to look our way. We urge you to rise above this darkness that you have created all around you and seek the light.

What do we have to do to seek the light?

Just be in the stillness. Find the gap between your thoughts. Call out for our help. For some this can happen through prayer, for others through meditation. There may be some who just close their eyes and tune out of the worldly madness and seek solace in silence.

 There are a million ways to seek that gap. By gazing at a sky or watching a river flow. By seeing the scenery as it passes by the window of your moving car or looking into the eyes of a little child. By meeting those of divine essence, or even just gazing at the stars on a dark night. All these allow for the gap to manifest and you are creating it even now, but you don’t have awareness of it.

So watch for it. Wait as a villager waits for a bus to arrive on that muddy track or as a beloved looks out her window for her lover to arrive, wait with that gentle stirring in your soul that it can happen in any minute. And then your watchfulness will be rewarded. Then, when it arrives, surrender completely to that experience and allow yourself to ride that wave of peace.

 Ask, “What might I do to help.”And then, slowly the clouds of oblivion will part and the first rays of light will illumine your mind with a knowing of what it is that you must do. And once you know, don’t procrastinate. Act with a sense of urgency, for the skies will not wait forever before they come down on you. Develop your ammunition of skill and power of stillness before they do, for when that occurs, you will need your collective force to hold up the skies to create the passage for all to move over.

This doesn’t sound easy. In fact it sounds really complicated. How shall we do this?

It sounds complicated only when you sit on the periphery and wait to watch who jumps in first. But if you sensed the urgency you wouldn’t sit around and evaluate whether the instructions on your life jacket manual seemed complex or not. You’d simply just slip on the jacket and jump off. Wouldn’t you? Well guess what, if you don’t want this aircraft to crash and for you all to die you’d better do just that. Get your life jackets on and jump.

You are scaring us.

Sorry that wasn’t the intention. We just want you all to understand how important this is. It seems that you have a very remote view (context) of the forthcoming transition and we just want to let you know that it is happening even as you all read this. So move. Start working.

 Start giving up your greed, and your anger, and your bitterness, and your unhappiness, and your complaints, and your lack of fulfillment, and the sadness, the stress and all the tensions. Just stop sinking with the weight of all these dark emotions. They are pulling you down with their enormous dead weight.

So that’s all that we have to do? Give up these negative feelings?

ALL? If you could even start to get rid of them we’d be rejoicing at this end. It going to be one big battle. You are so deeply imbued with these energies that trying to dislodge them could take you your whole lives and you’d still not be done with them. But we are only asking that you begin, for when you do and when you allow the light to shine through you, we will be able to support you and help you. But not until you do as you are told.

But why can’t you help us just as we are?

Because dear ones, you won’t allow us to. On your plane(level of existence), permission is required from your soul before anyone can assist you. Thus far you have only invited darkness into your being. Which is why we are saying, shut your doors to darkness and choose the light. For we, and all the other masters who belong to the family of light, can help only when you invite us in.

We didn’t quite see it like that.

We know. The veil of illusion is so thick that the simplest of truths evade you. But we can only request you. Finally we will honor whatever choice you make. If you choose to remain with the darkness you will create one type of future, and if you choose the light, it will take you to a completely different reality. Can you see which choice will lead where? And how you yourselves will be responsible for creating it? And why no one on the planet can as yet accurately predict what exactly will happen in this transition? And how only you all can decide which direction you want to take this shift towards?

I hope you are beginning to see things a little more clearly now?

Yes. Somewhat.

These messages about the impending Earth shifts are from The divine Masters Sai Baba of Shirdi and Guru Nanak Dev and have been channeled through Suzy. The text is as originally received and remains largely untouched and unedited.


Photo credit: Esha Singh


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