02. Healing Jealousy

Preeti ‘s father brought her to see me

hoping that her original helpful nature at home could be restored, which in recent months had been completely lacking. She was a sweet natured 15 year old and accepted that she hadn’t quite been herself recently. The key issue Preeti wanted to work on was to overcome all the negative feelings that had been overwhelming her of late.

She wanted to rid herself of anger, egoism, hatred, rude behavior

and jealousy and instead be helpful to everyone. She also hated it when someone got after her for anything and this included her parents who on occasion pushed her into completing tasks. She wished she could stop being this way as it would make her a better person.

At the first session Preeti was guided into a deep trance

through hypnosis, and all the disturbing images were mapped. Among many there were two major ones  that appeared to be key and these were addressed in two session. The first was an image of a boy chasing and persuing her relentlessly, forcing her to commit to a relationship with him. She abhorred the sight of him and felt the hatred well up in her heart each time he followed her after school into her bus.

Having verified that this was a present life issue

under trance,  Body Therapy was used to help her release all the stored somatic charges and she was encouraged to let go of the hatred in her heart. Employing the  technique of Psychodrama she was made to have a face to face dialogue with that boy where she had the opportunity to say all the things that she wanted to but could never do so before.

Having released the hatred, she was then filled

with happiness and joy. This experience clarified why she hated being pushed around and having released the emotions trapped in that experience with the boy, she was now set free of that negative behavior pattern.

At the second session using Parts Therapy a jealous thought form

was identified that she had accidentally picked up from one of her classmates some months ago. Whenever any authority figure such as her teachers or parents praised or acknowledged the efforts of another person, this thought form triggered the feelings of anger and jealousy in her.

It made her restless and irritable, impacting her concentration

and her composure. She realised that she was always so occupied with these disturbing thoughts that she was unable to support her mother or concentrate on her studies.  This jealous thought form was removed from her energy field and her cellular body was harmonised.

While using the Body scan to identify other negative aspects

a round circular emptiness on her right hand wrist was discovered, that symbolized a part of her which was the thinker’s angry heart. It had formed recently when her mother had scolded her for scoring poor grades in a school assignment. This part was obsessed with worries and kept brooding over her mother’s scolding and was unable to happy or smile.

Her concentration in her studies was often intercepted

by this thinker, making her grades drop even further. The angry thinker was healed and in its place the smiley was introduced as a symbol of empowerment. This filled her with a golden glow and gave her the strength that allowed her to overcome the negative impact of the scoldings from her mother. She smiled in trance as she internally sensed her smile being retrieved and incorporated.

In order to give her a deeper understanding of the how

her mother was feeling,  Preeti’s mind was connected to the soul mind of her mother, to gain insight and experience into the mother’s world. This was a powerful healing  experience for her as she received clear impressions about her mother’s lack of support, the immense love for her daughter and the desire that her daughter perform well academically and succeed.

Having gained this perspective she was asked what she

wanted to do with this newly gained insight and she said that she now understood her mother completely and would never again be bothered by her scoldings. She now felt inspired to support her mother knowing how tough it was for her to carry the burden of all the household responsibilities alone.

Preeti reports that she is back to helping her mother

as before, and that she is now able to concentrate on her studies better. She has got the smile back on her face, and has developed greater confidence in public speaking, which she was never able to do before. Also, she no longer feels angry and disturbed as before.

Recently her father called to thank and confirm

that she had indeed changed. He said that she was now working hard, helping with the household chores and studying well also. H was now keen that she improve her scores further, and so has booked the study improvement sessions to help her maximize her grades at the forthcoming class 10 board exams.

Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality


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