Stirrings Of My Soul Shared With You 1

All of life is interconnected. It is the same hunger, the same yearnings and the same fallibility that bring us together. When the sun sets on our lives it is the same death that takes us beyond. Why then do we choose to think we are apart when we are so similar?


Tranquility is a place where the world ends and stillness begins to draw you closer to the light, the fragrance of spirit’s blossoms and the calm waters of surrender.


When you allow your inner Light to radiate out, it brings joy and tranquility to others lives and the light reflects back their goodness, illuminating your life.


When your soul soars high you transcend all human limitations.


Oh dreamer! observe the blending of the two worlds. Seek to find that which is common to both. Seek to discover that which remains unchanged.


Your adversary is your mirror. He simply appears before you to let you know what within you needs healing in that moment


When I lost myself to the world, I found you Lord


Allow the divine spark within to light the fire in your soul. As you feed the fire, watch enlightenment unfold


There are no inappropriate circumstances; only inappropriate perceptions


Embrace both the good and the bad and you conquer duality, thus opening the gateway to oneness with the lord. It is your key to freedom and eternal peace. Choose to unlock your divinity now.


You are your own healer. I merely lead you to that silent garden within where you meet yourself and return healed.


I don’t know any influential people; except God


Look within and befriend the silence. Within the temple of your being and in the stillness of your heart stands He, whom you are searching for.


When the pain passes, it leaves the soil in your soul ploughed and ready for the lords love to grow deeper and stronger within you.


If you think you are the best you can be, know that you have discovered only 10% of your true potential. 90% is still waiting to be discovered.


When the mind is unable to conceive the cause of your pain know that God is waiting to enter your being,  know that a miracle is unfolding.


Yoga starts with the body and ends with the soul. Divine union begins the moment you embrace yourself and love starts raising your consciousness.


Let us choose NOW to give up our anger, reduce our attachments, disown hatred, forego our pride and abstain from being jealous.


Listen to the whispers of your soul and discover magic in your life.


Ease your ego out and make place for the Divine essence to reside in you today.


Be careful what you think of… it might just come true.


Awakening is occurring every moment…are you watchful enough to notice it?


Let us choose to offload the heavy yolk of pain that we have carried along for so long now. Let us choose to lighten the burden and set ourselves free.


The only way to know the truth is to see it through Gods eyes by letting him in, so that when he looks out through us we can perceive the truth.



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  1. Dana says:

    Beautiful and absolutely true – I am so grateful to all my pain in life since it led me to where I am today, helped to meet such amazing people and discover beyond that 10% I guess… Thank you Suzy for sharing and reminding us about divine aspect of everything… <3

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