13. Home Protection Sheild

A family friend called me yesterday asking what they could do to protect their home while they were away on holiday for the next three months. The house was going to be locked up and though there was to be a security guard to watch over the house physically, she was more interested in protection from the subtle negative energies.

Two months ago she had come to me seeking assistance with regards to some presence in her home. We did discover energies that were causing the disturbance and these were lovingly removed. Thereafter the home felt fine and since I had then explained to her that locked homes usually become the docking point of such energies, she wanted to make sure that she got it right this time and that her sacred sanctuary was safe and well guarded.

Since it is that time of the year when most of us head out for our vacations I thought it might be helpful to share this home protection visualization with all my web friends.

Imagine a ball of protective White Light descending from the cosmic skies and covering your home. Let the brilliance of this light enter each and every room in your home. Seal the outer edges of this ball with reflective spiritual mirrors and shimmering White Lights. This is your Home protection Shield and it protects your home from all negative influences.

Affirm that any low vibrational energies in the vicinity of your home are instantly reflected back to Source for transmutation into pure light. Also request the Divine Masters to remove any low vibrational energies that might be trapped in your home and move them out into the Light so they can be transported to their appropriate place in the universe.

Request the Angels of the Light to form a circle around your home and to seal, guard and protect it from all negativity. Thank the Masters, Angels and White Light for protecting your home.

Repeat this visualisations daily if possible or else as frequently as you possibly can while you are away.



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